Day One of Saving My Life


My sleeping pattern is screwed up.

I’m awake until 2 or 3 am every night. I have to wake up at 7 for work on weekdays (6 on a Thursday). What happens to me? I’m tired by 12 o’clock, lethargic, dragging my obese body around, overheating, my body clinging on to all of my fluids, making me swell, making me feel ever more uncomfortable. I fall asleep as soon as I get home.

I don’t have chance to speak to the kids to find out how their day was, I just collapse on the sofa and snore like an old man for a couple of hours.

I wake up and am too tired to cook, the vegetables, salads, fruits, lean meats and fish in the kitchen (they’re always there, fat people know what is good and healthy) get thrown in the bin AGAIN as a takeaway is called.

We throw away almost all of the weekly shopping in this way. Not only do I need a wake up call in terms of the waste of money… not only in discarded food but also in the cost of the takeaway, but I need a lesson in consideration. Consideration of people who are starving in this world, this country, this town, maybe even this street who would give their right arm for a pile of fruit and veg and fresh lean meats. I throw this stuff in the bin and instead call a greasy, calorie laden takeaway.

This isn’t good for me, it isn’t good for my kids and this has to stop and today is when it stops.

The first step in making it stop is not just in hauling my ass into the kitchen and cooking, it’s in getting my sleep pattern in check. Tonight I go to bed at 10pm. It should be easy as I’m always tired anyway and last night I stayed awake until 4am and didn’t even bother going to bed. You know what I was doing until 4am?

Playing Candy Crush. What is wrong with me? Seriously?

Now I am a teacher and I am also studying a post grad qualification and so I do spend a lot of time on the lap top studying legitimately, or researching for lessons or lesson planning or designing activities and class tasks. That wouldn’t be so bad, but that stopped at 10pm and I spent the rest of those 6 hours doing nonsense and most of them playing Candy Crush.

So yeah, that stops, I’m in bed at 10pm tonight, AFTER a dinner which I will cook of lean chicken grilled and placed atop a pile of steamed vegetables and followed by a fresh fruit smoothie. I’ll even take a photo to prove I did it and I’ll take a screen shot of my phone when I’m in bed.

How can I expect to find energy and will to do anything when my life is spent being exhausted and eating crap?

What example am I setting my kids?

It changes today. I will be in bed at 10pm and I will set my alarm for 7am Sunday. I will get up even though I don’t need to and I will start exercising. Tomorrow morning at 7am my new exercise regime begins.

It’s all under fire, the sleeping habits, the eating habits and the exercise habits. It has to be a three pronged attack. If I don’t get each one right, each one will fail, they all depend on each other to keep me on this road.

Water… water’s essential. It’s going to help me on this journey immensely. Today I start making sure I drink at least 8 large glasses of water. Tap water will do. No more coke, no more shite flowing through my system. I need to cleanse and clear out all of that crap that is inside of me and start to make a difference from the inside as well as the outside.

Breakfast today is going to be porridge and dried cranberries and apricots for sweetening. No refined sugar. Skimmed milk. No cream, no full fat anything. Those oats are going to roll through my system gathering up all of the rubbish that is stuck to my insides and taking it out the other end. Letting my body slowly absorb the nutrients offered by the mass of whole grains and fruits and the milk. Then I’m washing it all down and flusing it all out with water, water and more water.

This is the beginning and I’ll let you know on the day I start to feel better because of these small changes. I’m anticipating feeling more energetic, less sluggish, more rested, less tired, more mentally alert, more incentivised to move my fat self… let’s see if those things happen and if so, how long it takes for them to appear.




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