When is Day 3 not day 3?

When it’s day 1.

I’m talking part in the blogging world’s 100 days of health and today is the first day. I committed to 20 minutes of dancing with my kids every day and it’s done. Yay! A small step but in reality a HUGE stride.

We had fun and I didn’t give up the minute I got out of breath or a bit hot or my head started to pound, I broke through the walls of the unfit jail I’ve locked myself in for years and it felt good!  Looking forward to tomorrow and hoping that muscle memory theory is true because I used to be so fit… hoping it comes back fast.

That is the most exercise I’ve done in years and I’m ashamed of that but proud that I’m making a change now and now is what really matters.

For lunch today I cooked up a storm. I made a Moroccan Lamb Cous Cous. It was delicious and my kids video’d me trying (dismally) to do my first cooking video for my blog. It is awfully rubbish. I will try to do better and I have to splice it together but I will post it when it’s ready. For now make do with the photo of the finished meal:


This dish is very economical, it’s tasty and wholesome containing:

  • lean lamb steak (very small amount for flavour)
  • garlic
  • green and red capsicum
  • fresh chillies
  • onion
  • white cabbage
  • petit pois
  • spinach
  • cauliflower
  • swede
  • courgette
  • aubergine
  • chick peas
  • tons of tomatoes
  • fresh coriander
  • turmeric
  • paprika
  • black pepper
  • sea salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice

Yes, ALL OF THAT is in there! How cool is that?

All served on a bed of organic cous cous flavoured with freshly chopped coriander and a side salad of thickly sliced tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot dressed with lemon and more fresh coriander

The video shows how to make enough for a family of 6 or enough to set aside for another day or to freeze in portions. It warms up easily (I don’t use a microwave) but it can be put into a small saucepan and the cous cous can be warmed by steaming over the top of the reheating sauce.

It is packed with vitamins and minerals and very low fat, low sugar, low salt, no dairy and you can eat as a soup if you wish so no need to even have it with cous cous. You could serve it with pasta if you wanted to instead.

It’s so filling and a great meal for a dinner party if you are having non dieting friends over who you really want to wow and fill up. I like to make it with the vegetables quite al dente so that when it is reheated they retain some texture. I make a soup variation of this where I chop the vegetables smaller and I add 3 whole mackerel which I cook until they fall apart in the sauce. Very healthy and delicious. I’ll make some soon to show you.

It’s very simple and something that can be made at the weekend and frozen in portions for the week so that you don’t have reason to need a take away when you’re coming home from work and need to eat.

For dinner I really wasn’t hungry (this breakfast and lunch is really paying off) so I chopped some fruit into a fruit salad and as a special treat I killed a chocolate craving (chocolate is one of my key problems) I had a low calorie, low fat hot chocolate instant drink. it did the trick.

Tomorrow we’re making vanilla and berry scented candles (2 varieties not mixing them although we might), a family activity that we’d planned for the Easter holidays. The point of it is to fill the house with the smell of vanilla so that it kills off cravings for sweets and chocolate.

Also tomorrow we have day 2 of the 100 day challenge and I’m going to measure myself, waist and hips so that I can have some comparisons going on later down the line when I need some inspiration or you never know, to inspire others. Good idea for checking out progress in a more aesthetic way while I’m waiting for my scales to stop saying ERR when I get on them.




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