My Cover Photo

I don’t know how visible it is on different platforms but my cover photo is of a caterpillar going through the metamorphic stages to become a butterfly ready to take to flight.

I chose it for obvious reasons… to symbolise my journey from one state to another.

I look at it and I see myself as the chubby grub at the beginning on the far left. After the first few days of my new regime I’m already starting to see myself as hovering between the ugly chubby grub and the next step along, I think I’m heading into the chrysalis already.

I thought it would take weeks for me to feel I’d shifted onto the next phase but it’s kind of happening already.

We put these things off, we find excuses but when it hits, when the stars collide and the time is right we have to strike and own the feeling, the motivation, the desire to be a better, happier version of ourselves and we have to keep hold of it however we can.

Already my blog is making me feel supported, it’s letting me know I’m not alone on this journey, it’s making me want to succeed and it’s allowing me to be honest about all of the grizzle and gore of being fat and to think about how I got here, honestly and openly and I seriously recommend this as a way of boosting your chances of getting off to a good start and resolving to stay on the path.

I know people reading this will be thinking “I’ll drop back in six months to see if you’re still around”, “we’ll see if you’re still blogging in a few weeks”  or “we all know you’re going to get over this initial flush and wind up stuffing chocolate and crisps and be dead within 5 years”.

I would probably have been saying or thinking that too a few weeks ago but I can tell you, knowing that people are thinking that and will be thinking that is going to be some of the fuel that adds to my fire and keeps me going, I am going to still be blogging in a few weeks AND in six months and I will get wherever I am going. This time it’s different, this time the motivators are different, this time the approach, the vision, the attitude are all different. This is the one, this time I am going to do it, I really am. I believe that and if you don’t believe it, come back in six months and see for yourself.



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