Day 5… progress

My planned dinner last night didn’t happen I didn’t even get hungry so I just ate a heap of fruit and yoghurt. The three meals a day is working, breakfast and lunch are keeping me going and meaning I’m not starving by dinner time. Sometimes it’s just little obvious changes and to be fair these are the good habits which slim people have.

I watch people at work and it’s the slender ones who don’t seem to have weight problems who now and again have a cream cake, now and again have chips and curry for lunch, now and again have a bacon bun for breakfast… they’re the ones who eat breakfast every day, who never, ever skip lunch no matter how busy they are. They have a normal diet, they are by no means health obsessed yet I’m sure that strict adherence to three meals a day is a key factor in keeping their appetite under control and their weight down. They are always strict with their bedtime too, they go to sleep before the late night munchies set in.

Good habits, simple good habits that we all really should be striving to achieve and let’s face it, they’re not exactly hard to do (unless you have an odd shift pattern or something) Maybe they’re inconvenient but not hard and not impossible. Depends how much we want it I guess.

My water release has really kicked in now, I’m getting lots of exercise running up and down the stairs. Yes, I’ve taken to running up the stairs now to maximise each journey. Nearly kills me but it’s getting easier and I’m feeling lighter, thinner, more agile .. after just 5 days! That’s got to be inspirational.

After my 20 minutes of dance last night I had an extra exercise session, I took some dumbells, only with a couple of kilos on each and I used a small step in the hall and just stepped up and down while raising the dumbells (in a kind of bicep curl) at the same time. I did it for quite a while (didn’t time it) as my son came and started chatting to me about something and so I lost track of time, I know I stopped the bicep curls before I quit on the steps. It’s not much but its MORE than I was doing and that’s the key thing.

I’m glad I’ve left my studying until today as my brain is certainly feeling more fresh and light. I guess we don’t think about the damage we do to our brains by not making sure it gets the right nutrients, enough hydration and a good healthy oxygen supply. It’s important because without that we have nothing. Another weapon to add to the arsenal of motivators.

I risked depression last night by looking at the photos I had taken to mark my start position. Oh my word, what have I done to myself? I was horrified but it added to the wake up call that I had already heeded. I’m glad I didn’t look at them on day 1, I wouldn’t have been mentally strong enough, they would have thrown me into a world of hurt and self loathing and food. At least by waiting a couple of days I could say “I’m on the right track, I’m doing something positive” and console myself that I was moving away from that person in the photos.

Looking at them made me wonder if Tracey is even a necessary target, I think half of Tracey would make a massive difference. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about  Click here for my Meet Tracey post.

Day 5 is a good day, I’ll do my food diary later with pictures.


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