Kefir update

Not sure if it’s the Kefir or not but I had a mad dash to the toilet today… never got up the stairs so fast!

I didn’t have cramps but felt like every last thing inside my body was being expelled.

Sorry for the images this may be conjuring up but I felt it best to mention it as I was lucky to be at home. I’d recommend if you’re going to try Kefir to do it on a day when you don’t have to go anywhere just in case that’s what caused it :S

It was about 5 hours after I drank it if that helps any. Been fine since so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’ve read lots of things about your body needing a couple of days to get used to it but they never mentioned this.



4 thoughts on “Kefir update”

  1. Sorry to hear about your mad dash to the loo but I think it happens to a lot of us when we introduce a brand new food to our diet. I think you’ll know in time if your body loves it or hates it but it may take a little while to normalise out.


    1. It seems fine today so hopefully it was just a gut reaction (couldn’t resist the pun).

      I got the kids drinking it anyway, they had a triple shot each after I’d double fermented it with some organic orange peel. So much more tasty.


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