Which diet are you doing?

Someone asked me this earlier and I said I’m not doing a diet I’m changing my eating habits. 

She pressed me for a response “Come on you must be doing a diet?”

ImageI responded that I am taking a combination of everything I’ve learned from years of yo-yo dieting, everything that has worked for me in terms of weight loss, everything that I have enjoyed eating or cooking, everything that has helped me in the past to steer clear of danger zones, to cope with eating out, to cope with celebration meals, to cope with holidays and I’m adding it all into the mix. I’m also throwing in all I know about exercise and my body as well. On top of that I’m being honest with myself, I’m being honest about how I got here and how hard it’s going to be to get out. I’m healing myself holistically, inside and out, mentally and physically. She was happy with that, although a tad confused. It’s made me think now though…

This is my last chance, it’s now or never, I’m not going to even pretend I have a life for much longer if I don’t deal with this now, I have to do this or else I am not going to be around to try again, to have another failed attempt. It doesn’t matter how I’m doing it, it matters why I’m doing it.

If I don’t do this I’m not going to see my beautiful daughter get married or be there holding her hand when she brings my grandchild into the world, I’m not going to see what kind of husband and father I have raised my son to be, I will never experience the joy of being the mother in law, I will never know how it feels to retire, I will never get to do all of those old lady things I so look forward to (old ladies can get away with anything :P), I’m never going to see the places I’ve yet to see, I’m never going to experience love and affection with a man again. It will be game over, I’m not even going to try to fool myself that I have anything different to look forward to.

I hate who I have become and yet ironically I finally believe that I am a good person. I’ve spent my life loving other people, now I want to love me, I want to love me more than I have ever thought to in the past. It’s ironic that now I’m old enough to see my own virtues through the haze of the smog thrown up by the wrong people I’ve surrounded myself with I’m so damaged that I can’t even like myself! Now ain’t that a kick in the head?

It has to change now and it will. It really will.

So… now I’ve got that off my chest I can go back to the original point of this quick post and ask which diet are you guys doing? 


10 thoughts on “Which diet are you doing?”

  1. Beautiful post! You’re doing this for all of the right reasons, and that’s why you’ll be successful. I’m doing keto now, but only until I get to goal. Once I’m at goal, I’ll go to a less strict low carb lifestyle.

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    1. Keto looks like something that will be good for later down the line. I know my body, I will have to switch things frequently or it will just reach a plateau or I will start to get tired of the same meals. I have a friend who does a lot of strength training and keeps on telling me that’s what I need to do with a Keto diet, but it will be a while before I’m ready for it. If I tried it now I’d get frustrated (with the exercise) so I’m sticking to slow and stead for now.

      I did a variation on your bacon quiche recipe today for dinner it was gorgeous! The kids were supposed to be having omelettes but they kept on snatching forks full of my quiche so it is a definite family favourite from now on.


      1. Glad to hear that you made the recipe work for you! I’m with you, I can’t stay on one particular diet (I can’t stand that word) for long without encountering a stall. I was doing Atkins, then switched to Keto. Maybe onto Paleo and back to Atkins soon.


        1. I lost a lot of weight once on a Slimming World programme (notice I got rid of that word haha) where I followed the Green plan so that was carb intense with very little protein and I lost loads of weight. However at the time I was younger and exercising a significant amount and when I went back to my old ways I regained the weight faster than ever before.

          I’m having moderate carbs because I know they irritate me and cause swelling and water retention and lethargy. I miss the carbs already but I have told myself that when I get further down the line and then to goal I will make carbs my treat as part of my new healthy diet.

          I can’t think of going back to my old habits. I think that is the difference between healthy eating and ‘a diet’. Healthy eating is for life, a diet is a temporary measure. I feel different this time, like I’ve waved bye bye forever to the real bad stuff not just for a couple of months like I have in the past.


          1. That’s the right way to approach the rest of your life. It can’t be a series of diets or you’ll be a yo-yo dieter. That’s what I’ve been. I want to make a real change so that it’s so routine (eating healthy) that I don’t have to expend much thought to it any longer.


            1. Yes I want to be one of those people who make the right choice easily.

              I sometimes think it will ever happen, I can’t see me ever finding cream cakes repulsive but that’s a part of it, thin people do eat cream cakes just not very many and not very often.

              I remember when I quit smoking, I just set myself a goal to get through a morning without a cigarette, an afternoon, a night, another morning, another afternoon, another night, a week, another week…

              It was hard at first, an hour by hour struggle. A year down the line I was still craving cigarettes but it was perhaps once a week. Now years and years down the line I still sometimes would like a cigarette but very, very rarely. I coped (and cope) at first by reminding myself how harmful what I was doing was, later by reminding myself of how far I’d come and now I almost laugh at myself for even letting myself want a cigarette.

              If I did it with smoking I can do it with eating. I’m not denying myself food like I was nicotine, I’m just being careful. I really think I’ve got it this time.

              Something inside me is just screaming “Yes! This is the time!” I just wish it had come sooner but I’ll find out what the reason for all this was one day. It’s almost like a spiritual awareness, it kind of makes me emotional (now I do sound like a crazed fat lady) but that’s how I feel.

              It’s like someone opened a door at last and I’m happy to walk through it.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with this post. You are lucky that your friend, although confused, accepted your explanation about not being on any particular diet. It’s like the concept of just eating well, moving more and creating a calorie deficit is not enough. Surely you MUST be on some kind of diet? The thing is (whispers)…diets don’t work! Well, eating a GOOD diet works, but going on an eating plan that is radically different to your norm, that you’ll find very hard to stick to for longer than a few months – those are the ones that don’t work. And who would know this better than us? God knows I’ve tried ’em all. And here I am still very overweight and pushing 48, living proof of their failure. But if the general populace woke up to the fact that diets don’t work, the weight loss industry would be in serious trouble.


    1. This is so true. I have seen so many of my daughter’s friends over the past couple of years start signing up for these industry diets and what has been the result? Perfectly normal, healthy sized girls getting bigger and bigger.

      I feel like shaking them and telling them to stop, they are beautiful as they are and if they want to improve anything let it be their health not their size. If they improve their health their body will fall into line.

      It’s so sad to see another generation of girls and boys going the same route as I did.

      My daughter listened to me because she had seen the pain this obesity has caused me and the way it has restricted my life and OUR life as mother and daughter.

      So true about the industry it needs fat people to thrive and the fashion industry/media creates its custom.


  3. The most sensible diet is one you can stay on for life. Personally I follow the “diet” God gave Adam; fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains, high fiber foods – afterward the Flood, man ate lean meat. I avoid processed, chemically laden foods and too much saturated fat. Anything is fine in moderation (even ribs and red meat) and I’ve keep my weight off for 32 years when I used to eat for comfort or self-destruction. You can do this too! Stay positive and begin to love your beautiful, disciplined, controlled self. Blessings,


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