Food Glorious Food

I’m really starting to enjoy my food.

I forgot how much I love to cook, it’s so much more fun than sitting with a phone and a menu. It tastes so much better than take away too.

Even standing in the kitchen, bending for ingredients, doing some washing up, putting washing up away, stepping out to the bin are all extra movements I wasn’t doing too often before the beginning of this journey.

I’m working on finding a range of dishes to suit us all so that I can mix and match throughout these first few weeks to make this transition as easy as possible and to ensure our diet is as varied as possible so we don’t get bored.  I could live on porridge for breakfast, salad and chicken for lunch and steamed veg and cheese for dinner and I’d lose weight but I’d want to top myself after a week of that. I want to make healthier versions of family favourites too.

Yesterday for dinner I followed the inspiration from a fellow blogger’s recipe and made a breakfast bacon quiche which I ate with a big heap of cooked spinach and a side salad. Click here for original quiche recipe. The original is part of a keto approach to weight loss, I’m doing a low fat, low carb approach so I adapted it as you will see.

I love spinach, I always have a bag of it in the freezer for emergencies. I pop it in a pan with a tiny bit of water, a pinch of salt and pepper and when it’s all cooked I drop a really tiny amount of grated mature cheddar on top to melt in. It’s delicious!

This is the quiche. It’s not the best photo and you can see I didn’t put it in the over straight and it cooked unevenly but that didn’t stop it tasting fabulous:


I took 4 free range eggs and mixed them up with a pinch of sea salt and a bigger pinch of ground black pepper and a slightly bigger pinch of turmeric, I threw into it 5 medium sized closed cup mushrooms (sliced), a finely chopped red pepper, 1/2oz of finely grated cheddar cheese, 2 tablespoons of natural fat free yoghurt. I lined a 7inch baking tin with greaseproof paper and poured the mixture into it (literally just oversized the grease proof paper and when I dropped the mixture in it took the shape of the tin).  I then layed thin strips of fatless bacon on top (which sunk) and then I laid slices of tomato on top of that.

I popped it in the pre-heated oven on 180 C Fan for 12-15 mins and this came out.

It’s light and fluffy inside, it tastes delicious and the kids had said they didn’t want any, they wanted omelettes but when they saw this I was fighting them off. It was fork wars over our dining table because they tried it and they loved it. I was going for the whole thing (big appetite) but eventually I yielded half of it and I was still full so I’d say this is easy big enough for 4 people to have a nice quarter each with accompaniments of salad, veg or a jacket potato depending on how you’re approaching your healthy eating plan.

My daughter didn’t even realise there was no pastry on it until after we were cleaning up!

Thanks to Weight2lose2013 for the inspiration! He has some fab recipes check them out, if they don’t exactly suit your eating plan try adapting them slightly so that they do Click Here To Go To Weight2lose2013 blog. Sometimes a bit of inspiration is all it take to set us off creating something which suit us.

This is for life so finding healthy alternatives for favourites like quiche is a good move.


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