Kefir update

So all is well with Kefir so far. I’m on to making batch number 3 and growing more confident and adept at what I’m doing.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting it right as my culture is growing and that’s supposed to be a good sign.

Also my Kefir is nice and white and consistent, it’s not separating or clotting.

I’ve been straining it through muslin cloth which makes sure all of the seeds and culture are caught ready for the next batch.

The last batch I made I second fermented and did it make a difference! It was delicious.

All it involved was fermenting as usual and then after straining adding some shavings of an organic orange peel (if you don’t have organic then you should really thoroughly clean the skin of a non-organic one) and dropping them into the Kefir and popping in the fridge over night. The bacteria in the Kefir feed on the orange peel and this increases the potency of the bacteria and enzymes in the kefir, simply strain and drink. Click here for more info on second fermenting

Photo from
Photo from

The kids prefered it with the orange flavour. We all had a triple shot this morning, I had two triple shots and then I added the left overs to my morning porridge. It gave the porridge a nice zesty orange tang too. It must be the bacteria working on the orange and absorbing it but I’m pretty sure if you put some orange peel strips into regular milk and drank it, it wouldn’t taste as zingy as the kefir did.

Third batch is underway now. The way I see it, it takes seconds to make and is so inexpensive; a couple of pounds for the culture and the muslin and thereafter the cost of the milk which most people have in anyway. So much cheaper than those little probiotic sugary drinks they sell in the supermarkets and by all accounts so much less manufactured.

No unpleasant side effects today so far and the kids didn’t have any either.  I positively bounded out of bed this morning and feel ultra energised. I can’t say it’s the kefir that has done that because I’ve changed so many things but it’s certainly not hindered my progress.

Watch out for another post on Kombucha as I’ve decided to have a go at that too. Just waiting for the equipment to arrive. Reading about Kefir I haven’t been able to avoid Kombucha and it has me intrigued.




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