I love blogging. I do blog elsewhere but purely about my profession as part of a peer network sharing resources and ideas and having discussions about ideologies and thrashing out our self development plans. It’s all very grown up and serious.

This blog is so different. There is very little of me in the other blog, it’s about me the teacher but not about me the person, the woman, the mother, the daughter. It’s only a small part of me.

I decided to blog about my road back to health and fitness and inner happiness as a means of reflecting on my own life, getting my thoughts out of my head, discovering myself, being honest with myself. I thought if anyone wanted to read it, if it was relevant to anyone, if it helped, if someone identified with anything, if someone wanted to express an alternate or contrary view, if someone offered me advice that would be a bonus.

I didn’t anticipate that my blog after just one week would have enabled me to make so many fabulous connections and given me so much to think about and so much to inspire and support me on this long road.

I guess we are quite isolated … ‘the obese’. Yes we function within society on some level or other, yes we function within our families, as parents, colleagues, neighbours or whatever but when it comes to us and our obesity we are often alone. In our heads we are alone.

I guess that’s a reason why slimming clubs are popular and often effective, because of peer support. But they can also be very divisive and soul destroying places as cliques form, the ‘need to lose 2lb for holiday’ crew pile in in April, the pocketed weight competitive members start their wars with coded recipes and secret low fat dinner parties where you have to know the handshake to get an invite, people get jealous as some lose more than others and the tell tale ‘friends’ start blurting out your secret pizza last week and half a bottle of wine and complaining about how you lost more than them and it not being fair. Gosh I don’t like those places although I have lost lots of weight using them in the past and if they work for anyone then it’s all good.

But by and large we’re on our own, when the door closes it’s just us and the biscuit barrel and the battle we’re waging in our head. Getting our minds around the psychology of being obese. Even if there’s someone home with us we’re in a different place to them, essentially we’re still alone.

Blogging has already linked me with people who are in the same boat as me and it has allowed thePresentation1 sharing of thoughts, ideas and opinions with honestly.  I’m grateful for that and I’m grateful for the way my blog has allowed me to listen to me and is helping me to find myself.

I see our blogs as if we’re talking to ourselves but leaving the door open for others to drop by and listen in if they want, stay for a chat if they want, leave a little gift of inspiration or encouragement if they want and then slip out again maybe to return maybe to go on their way.

I was glad that I had this 2 week break to get to grips with my lifestyle changes and I’m glad I’ve got these 2 weeks to invest in my blog, it’s not always going to be like this, time will be against me but I really hope that I can continue to blog from time to time along the way as I really believe it will help keep me on the straight and narrow.

Thank you to those guys I’ve linked with already … today was crappy, I hated weighing myself but you and my kids have helped me through it and I’m grateful. I couldn’t have shared how I felt with anyone else with a hope of them understanding where I’m coming from.

Happy healthy weekend!


27 thoughts on “Blogging”

  1. I feel like I’ve written this entry. I’ve long been a proponent of blogs, and previously message boards, for the support factor. There’s no judgement, there’s no competition. It appears that we’re all in this for mutual success.


    1. Copy and paste nobody’s watching haha 😛

      Indeed, I think it shows a certain commitment to start to write about your trip to the new you and I’m finding it really therapeutic. When I’m back at work after Easter I’ll probably turn into one of those bad teachers who sets the students a task and gets a quick blog post in while they’re otherwise occupied. Haha, no I wouldn’t do that.

      I’m enjoying making connections and reading everyone’s blogs though while I have time and while I have no social life because I daren’t risk that yet.

      I will make time for it when the holidays are over I have a feeling it is going to be a life line.


          1. Go to your dashboard, navigate to appearance, then select widgets. Sound like a pro? I think that I had taken a few days to figure that one out! lol Find the one labeled image and drag it to your sidebar. You’re more than welcome to use my image url here:

            Then make sure that you resize it in the panes below the url to 150 x 102.


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