Day 6 Not Hungry? What Is Going On?

Yesterday was a strange day, I just didn’t feel hungry at all which is not like me.

I don’t know why this is… could it be the Kefir?

I never want to eat breakfast and have to force myself with that one anyway. I started off with two triple shots of second ferment orange zested Kefir and then put the rest, around 300mls into my porridge which also had a handful of dried apricots and another of dried cranberries. I couldn’t eat it all, I was really struggling. The Kefir made it a little thicker than usual and I’m not sure if that just made it more bulky.

I NEVER leave food. One of my big problems is that I eat even when I’m full so it’s good for me to be thinking about stopping eating when I’m no longer hungry… this is another milestone and a definite positive for today.

I washed breakfast down with a pint of water and a peppermint tea.

For lunch I had a pint of water and I grabbed a piece of wholemeal toast with a very light spread on it from my daughter’s plate. I also had an orange.

For dinner I was struggling. I wanted to make an easy Thai Red Curry that I’d seen on a fellow blogger’s site but I wanted to really enjoy that and wanted to be really hungry to make sure I did. So I decided against that as I wasn’t feeling hungry at all.

Eventually I had a tiny tuna salad with a boiled egg.

This is perhaps the first time in my life that I’ve not been hungry. I really don’t know if it’s my positive mental attitude and will power or if it’s just the switch to three meals a day or if it is the Kefir. In the first couple of days I had experienced much less hunger than usual at the end of the day but this was nothing, I could have gone through the evening and to bed with no food at all.

I guess I could ask “Why didn’t I?” and my answer would be that I’m not about to starve myself. By anyone’s standards a small bowl of porridge with fruit a slice of bread some water and tea is not enough for a day. Or should I not be thinking like that?

I’m confused. Should I just not eat if I’m not hungry? Or should I make sure I eat three meals a day even if they are very light meals? I have honestly never been in this position before, even when I’ve been ill, even with stomach upsets or a raging throat infection I have carried on shoveling it in.

If anyone’s been in this situation or has insider expert knowledge on what’s best to do I’d appreciate thoughts/advice.

Also last night I could not get tired for the life of me. I went up to bed (I had committed to early nights, restful sleeps and early wake ups from the beginning as part of a change in my routine) but I could not sleep. I drank some water read a book, looked at another book, got on my Kindle looked through some notes I’d made on another book, started buying books, got out my lap top started reading blogs. I was wide awake and in the end it was some ultra relaxing music which I stumbled upon which finally did the trick of lulling me into a happy content place and I finally fell asleep way into the early hours. Check out the music I’m talking about by clicking here

I wonder if I had been anxious about something or if I had pent up energy I needed to expel or get under control. Maybe I need to increase my activity level. As it’s a bright sunny day I think I’ll go for a long walk on the beach with my son (if he ever wakes up) and see if that helps me to sleep tonight.


7 thoughts on “Day 6 Not Hungry? What Is Going On?”

  1. It sounds like your body is adjusting to your new lifestyle. I went through that when I switched to keto. The caution would be to watch out for complacency. I was lulled into a lax attitude and started to be less disciplined about food intake. I have to try kefir soon. I’m very curious about the positive side effects! Thank you for the shout out for my music. WordPress needs to have a blushing emoti for situations like this. 🙂


    1. You’re welcome and do try it. I guess at the end of the day it’s what you buy in the little bottles, I don’t know which brands you have but things like Yakult and Activia but much cheaper and fresher and you know it’s totally unadulterated. If only I lived somewhere I could buy fresh cows milk it would be perfect.

      I’m making my food intake my priority I got my scales today and I am in a state of depression. I’ll blog about it later. My worst fears just got even more scary and I’m so glad I made this decision at last. There is not a cat in hell’s chance I’m abandoning this plan now, it’s really now or never.


      1. The resolve and determination with which you’re writing is inspiring! Those words and that passion are essential to your success, and will help you with the motivation throughout your journey. The scales can get us down, but we can’t let them defeat us. There will be emotional ups and downs, but you have support here on your blog. 🙂


  2. I was going to write a comment, but instead I’m going to write a blog entry – thank you for the inspiration 🙂 I think it’s an important issue, hunger (or lack thereof).


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