Fermenting and Second Fermenting Kefir

Well I think I can say that I have this Kefir thing under control. My culture is growing nicely. I took a photo of it for you to see. These are the grains, this is the bit that does the work. It’s expanded quite a bit since I got it a few days ago. This is a little milky still on some pictures you see it more milky than this so it looks like cottage cheese and others it’s strained out a bit more so it looks more fluffy like cauliflower. Each of these chunks will grow bigger and bigger.

Kefir Grains

This is my Kefir after it’s been in action fermenting. I’m just straining it into another jar through some clean muslin cloth to stop the stringy and lumpy bits going in. You can see how frothy the kefir is in the jar I’m pouring from. That’s what you want to see on the top of your fermented kefir:

Straining Kefir
Straining Kefir

I just make mine in these sterile jam jars and leave it on the kitchen side out of direct sunlight and it does fine there.

Here it is ready for its second ferment with some raspberries in it this time. This one should taste really zingy. It goes in the fridge for second ferment. I’m hoping the raspberries are OK my research hasn’t brought up anything to suggest otherwise.

Second fermenting with raspberries
Second fermenting with raspberries





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