The kids are doing their best to support me with this new healthy lifestyle (I had to climb the footbridge there AND back instead of being allowed to use the railway level crossing one way today) and they’re doing a great job but I had to laugh just now when I heard my son shout upstairs to me:

“Hey mummy could I have some money for tomorrow please, I’m going to meet my friends for lunch?”

Before I could respond my daughter down from her room:

“No, she’s spent it all on bacteria and mould”.

I guess the sprouting seeds experiment can wait a while until my cultures and fermentings become common place around here.


10 thoughts on “Obsessive?”

        1. Haha, I wish I’d never shown them the SCOBY now, it terrified them but to be fair I was pretty brave to touch it. Seriously chasing them with one of those beasts would be a sure fire way of getting them to bed! I don’t think you’d have to wait long for a nightmare to wake them up again though.


                    1. Haha, not as much of an energy burner as a shake over here and a shimmy over there. Gosh I am going to samba lessons when I’ve lost Tracey. I can imagine I’m a hot latina babmina (probably mixed too many languages there) I’ve never been to Cuba, maybe that will be my treat holiday, Salsa lessons in Cuba. Hmmm, if I had an incentive meter on my forehead it would be crazy full right now.


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