7 days… I made it through a week!

Yay, I am so proud of myself and now I know that I’m allowed to be. Just that is a good thing believe me.

I’ve always had a problem with being proud, it always felt wrong, like it was boastful but hey, there are enough people in this world who will get you down and detract from your happiness, your success and your achievements, we don’t need to add ourselves onto that heap of negativity do we? If I’m the only one, if I’m the lone voice shouting out about my success then so be it.

It so strange, I teach my students to be proud of their work, in an effort to encourage them to produce work they can be proud of and it works. I’m one of the only faculty teachers who has her students rushing to submit assignments, I’m told my marking is so good because I spend more effort on giving praise than criticism (I don’t, I balance it out but to them it seems that way compared with other teachers who ONLY criticise). I find it so easy to praise and encourage … anyone BUT myself that is. I find it so easy to be proud of the achievements of others yet so difficult to be proud of my own. I am changing that.

So I don’t know what weight if any that I lost this week but these are the things I have noticed and when I set out this was about regaining my life, about happiness, about health, about control and responsibility so it’s fitting that my achievements are not about weight.

  • I feel less bloated and more nimble
  • I sleep less and it is restful undisturbed sleep
  • I haven’t had heartburn, acid indigestion or stomach cramps since day 2
  • What I’m expelling is more healthy and my emissions are more as they should be (gosh I’m so genteel!)
  • I have more energy and I have moved much more than I have in a long time
  • I have not experienced hunger or cravings once this week in fact I have experienced not being hungry at meal times and leaving food on my plate for the first time in perhaps ever
  • I feel happier
  • I have paid more attention to my self, I have a beauty routine again and I’m enjoying self pampering
  • I’m remembering things I used to like doing which made me feel happy and fulfilled and wanting to do them again
  • I’m a better mum
  • I’m eating at least 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and getting a good mix of the two
  • I’m drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day
  • I’m exercising for at least 20 minutes per day
  • I’ve found new ways of motivating myself visually
  • I’ve found new ways of exercising at home at a pace which suits me
  • I’ve started to think honestly about why I’m where I’m at and to consider my mental relationship with food
  • I bought some new scales even though it was scary and I survived my first weigh in
  • I’ve done some cool fun projects with the kids and the laughter that’s always been in the house has grown louder
  • I’ve realised how cool my kids are, how mature they are and how much they have supported me through my dark hell and that it’s time to pay them back with a happy, healthy, fit and active mum
  • My house is more tidy and cleaner
  • I’m enjoying cooking again
  • I’m eating 3 regular healthy meals with no snacking
  • I’ve saved at least £80 probably closer to £100 by eating fresh and cooking and not ordering in and cutting out unnecessary items from the shopping list and even more if I count the money saved on transport because everyone is walking more places
  • I’ve learned about culturing and fermenting and have been successfully making my own kefir and have my first kombucha brew on the go
  • We’re recycling more (this is a strange one but because we’re thinking in a more wholesome way this has had unexpected knock on effects)
  • My kids are benefiting from eating more healthily too
  • I’m waking up refreshed and alert
  • I’ve networked with some amazing, inspirational people through my blog and got my first blog bling. Yay!
  • I feel part of a supportive community and don’t feel alone in this
  • I don’t hate myself so much 
  • I feel optimistic about the future
  • I don’t go to bed thinking I may not wake up, I think about what I’m going to achieve tomorrow
  • I don’t wake up thanking glad to have made it through the night, I think about all that I achieved yesterday
  • I feel responsible and in control
  • I’m learning to be proud of myself and to appreciate the small triumphs which make the huge triumphs possible
  • I’m caring less what other people think and living my life

I think I can safely say that even if I have not shed an ounce of weight this week, that is one impressive list of wins in just 7 days and if I made it through one week I can make it through another.



2 thoughts on “7 days… I made it through a week!”

  1. That is an absolutely amazing list of good stuff that happened during your first week! Even if you didn’t lose a single ounce, there is still so much to be happy about and proud of. I totally get what you mean about feeling uneasy being proud because I am too, but we should both be because we have earned it. I’ve been weighing daily lately. I don’t usually recommend this or even do it myself but when I’m in the early stages of a lifestyle change I find it helps me, and I was rather excited about what I saw this morning because it’s getting tantalisingly close to a milestone I’ve wanted to be under for about two bloody years. And once I get under that, you can bet I’ll be really proud 🙂 So, be proud and shout it from the rooftops!


    1. Thank you for your comments they keep me going. Wasn’t it just a huge list? I didn’t realise until I read it back to myself and I even inspired myself haha.

      I so hope you hit that milestone soon, they are such inspirational moments which keep us going on into the next one.


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