Spring has well and truly sprung in the UK.

This means one thing… my garden is a mess.

We had no snow at all this year, I don’t even recall any ice or even a frost. It was the mildest winter for a long time and I’ve no excuse other than I’ve been in hibernation.

But we had lots of rain and lots of storms and being on the coast we had some serious windy days… well for us. Hurricanes they weren’t.

So everything has blown around, there are more weeds in the lawn than lawn, the residue of November’s bonfire is still lying around, wind torn empty hanging basket are scattered around here and there.

So I picked up the phone and called around for a gardener or at least someone to clear the rubbish and tidy up a bit.  I set a couple of hundred pounds budget. Now, remember this is the UK, we’re supposedly in an unemployment crisis. This job would take a relatively fit guy all of two hours to complete and another ten minutes to take the rubbish to the tip on his way home. I couldn’t find anyone. We took to Facebook, both myself with similar aged friends who have sons who do nothing with their lives and my daughter who has friends of her own age who do nothing with their lives and nobody wanted to earn this cold hard cash. Eventually my son said he’d get some friends around and they’d do it for nothing.

In my book that’s good money, it is way more than I earn per hour and I have to stand and teach economics to 20 strong classes of hormonal 16-19 year olds who really aren’t interested. I deserve £100 an hour for making that stuff interesting and engaging. Believe me a bit of garden clearing is NOTHING compared to what I do.

But of course, it struck me,  what am I doing spending my hard earned cash on someone else doing a job I can do myself? This is not heavy landscaping we’re talking, it’s a tidy up. Gosh I’ve become so darned lazy it’s unreal. What if it takes me a week to accomplish? What if I only succeed in clearing a couple of things a day? I have time right now, it’s Easter holidays and I’m all planned out for next semester and up to date with my personal development work and my kids are too busy for us to actually go away anywhere.

Even better: make it a family activity – mission garden clearance and then some therapeutic container planting to bring back some colour. Tomorrow when everyone’s home and the weather’s good, it’s game on.

Exercise doesn’t have to be confined to the gym as I’m proving this week. I reckon I’ll get a fair work out tomorrow, shoveling and digging and hauling. Once it’s done I might even get myself out there and bash a swing ball around for a bit more exercise. It’s nothing major but it’s something and as we know, something is far better than nothing.


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