It hurts me so much to see my children learning the harsh lessons of life, I want to wrap them up and protect them but I have to let them grow and making mistakes, realising the world is not always a rosey place is all part of that.

But it hurts me like a knife cutting into my heart.

Sometimes I think I’m more affected than they are and i wonder if that’s not one of the miracles of parenthood, that we can take some of their pain and absorb it for them. Gosh I do hope so.

Extra big cuddles tonight and when I come to think of it we’re overdue a sleepover movie night with something we all love playing on the projector and snacks… healthy snacks of course.

Yay, perfect opportunity to try sweet treat healthy flap jack recipe I saw on another blog using a little peanut butter, manuka honey and delicious organic oats and to chop up a whole heap of fruit into snackable shapes and sizes. We shall work through the mountain of the stuff that I have bought.



2 thoughts on “Ouch”

  1. Letting your children learn life’s lessons are among the most difficult things a parent can do. I have a tough time with it. The best that we can do is to be there for them when those missteps occur.


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