Day 9

Well my plans for changing my sleeping habits have not gone too well, I didn’t even make it to bed last night. I slept on the couch because I was up late working on some things and then I realised I was expecting a delivery early in the morning and thought if I went to bed I’d maybe not hear the door.

I really must address this and start going to bed at a regular time. I figure I’m exhausted right now so if I keep going I should be able to go to bed early and I will have achieved another objective.

I am so desperate to get on the scales but resisting the urge, I’m waiting until Friday. Good Friday… I wonder if it will be good for me and I can get on the way to erasing a piece of Tracey.

My culturing and fermenting is going well, I’ve had at least one dose a day of Kefir and am not 100% sure that my changes can be attributed to it but I am certainly feeling the things which it professes to do i.e. appetite is supressed, no digestive tract issues either end, increased energy and alertness, reduced bloating and of course I’m losing weight… or at least I had better be.

Yesterday for lunch (I forgot to take a photo) I cooked a spring leg of lamb, smothered in rosemary and served with baby new potatoes boiled with fresh mint and succulent petits pois cooked in the same method with a rich onion gravy.

Now, this was appealing to my carnivorous children and appeal it did. They fight over the bone. But I decided to make a normal meal for us as and a Sunday roast seemed ideal. I had a couple of slices of meat, a few potatoes and a big scoop of peas and  spoonful of the gravy. This felt very naughty but of course it wasn’t. Normally the meal would have had mashed potatoes with butter and milk, potatoes roasted in lamb fat, Yorkshire puddings and instead of a dollop of gravy on the side it would have been smothered in the delicious stuff. So my take on a roast dinner was more like a non food obsessed morbidly obese person would have and not what my former self would have devoured whilst waiting for apple crumble and custard.

I also made some oat, honey and peanut butter treats yesterday where I just threw the ingredients into a bowl, mushed them together and then rolled into balls and baked for 5 minutes. They were gorgeous and we ate them watching a movie last night with a big bowl of fruit. Suprisingly satisfying they were too because that wound up being dinner and we were all full after just a couple of them.

Sunny and warm today and I’ve been for a lovely walk stretching off the burn from yesterday’s gardening for the first time in years.

I made it through a weekend trauma, I’m so impressed with myself and looking forward to the next 5 days leading up to my first official progress weigh in.

Wishing anyone reading a happy week, keep fighting off that voice in the head you are not hungry, you don’t need to harm yourself you’re on the right path.


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