Exercise Clothing

Just reading a blog post over on Taylor’s Health Eating Habits and it reminded me of having these made. This is a copy and paste of what I wrote in the comments on Taylor’s post to explain:

I had some T-shirts made as a gift for someone who was experiencing the same and would not go to the gym even though she was doing so well. She started wearing them and people stopped staring, the stopped name calling and they started to help, advise and encourage her and it made a huge difference. She’s been back for more and I got her some leggings made with the same slogans down the legs for when she’s riding her bike out now.


She is only a young girl, a friend of my daughters and I hated that she was going to fall off her plan because of cruel people. This was what I came up with to help and it worked. She said she walks into the gym now and if anyone looks at her she points to her chest and smiles.

If it might work for you do it, everything that helps us is worth doing. This is a front and back shot of two different coloured ones.

Fat shirts
Fat Shirts

2 thoughts on “Exercise Clothing”

    1. Me either. It’s very bad in the place I live, very small town mentality but not small enough to have a community spiritedness. It feels that there is a higher percentage of people who are so judgemental and negative hence me moving on. I’m just grateful I leave here often enough to know that what happens here is not normal behaviour.


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