Food on the go

So this morning I went out for a walk with my son and he asked if we could sit outside a cafe and have elevensies. 

I didn’t want to say no so we stopped at a rather pretty little place which had a couple of chairs and tables outside with a good view of the beach and sea. It was still quite nippy but glorious and bracing at the same time. (I must take photos when I’m out and about)

He had a fruit scone with home made strawberry preserve and a pot of tea I…. was at a loss. What did I do surrounded by those delicious cakes and muffins, scones and fabulous sandwiches? I was panicking and wondering if it would be best to leave when the lady behind the counter asked if I was OK. I said that I am on a healthy eating quest and whilst I’ll allow myself an indiscretion further down the line, for now I had to be really strict with myself, because I know that I will fall off the wagon.

I’m so glad I told her, I nearly said I’d have a strawberry tart.

She pulled out these bars and smoothies and asked if I’d rather have those. I jumped at the chance.


The bar is made of Dates, Cashews and Raisins with a hint of rhubarb and vanilla extract and that’s all. The smoothie is like all/much of the Innocent range and contains only fruits, this one was made for the kids market and contains: 1 pressed apple, a third of a mashed banana, 4 pressed grapes, 8 crushed blackcurrants and not a lot else.

Both were yummy and satisfying and wholesome and it felt like I was having a real treat out in the sunshine.

These were not on display which was a shame and although I know she makes her biggest profit on the things she makes herself but even so it would have been nice to be able to see healthy options. Some people won’t ask and some people might be tempted to eat something they really don’t want to. I did mention this to her and she said she hadn’t thought and would put some in a display basket and in the main drinks fridge.

I felt like I’d done healthy eaters locally a service there… a woman on a mission! I said to her that it shows some willing to invite people who wanted to enjoy the fabulous facilities to do so and when they’ve got their habits under control they’d be able to sample a delicious treat now and then. She agreed it was a good way of not alienating any of her market.

Small steps guys, that’s all we should be aiming for.


2 thoughts on “Food on the go”

  1. I am so glad you got to still enjoy the “elevensies” with your son by finding a healthier alternative. I think that’s what it’s all about, not denying yourself pleasures that you formerly enjoyed (because what’s so wrong about being honest and saying that it IS nice to have coffee/tea/cake with friends and loved ones from time to time), but rather finding a way to make the whole thing a healthier experience, such as meeting up for a walk in the park rather than a cafe, and then going to the cafe afterwards, etc. I think there are always ways to do that. 🙂

    By the way, what ARE “elevensies”? We don’t do those in Australia! 🙂


    1. You’re so right I agree totally. Those alternative meet ups are a great idea, my daughter was saying that every time she meets with friends there is always food involved why can’t they just walk and chat or go for a bike ride instead.

      You probably know the English and our traditions and are perhaps familiar with our afternoon tea? Elevensies are the morning version of that. Hobbits have them too 😀

      So a truly traditional Brit day’s meals would go:

      Breakfast – anytime from 6am onwards
      Elevensies – usually a tea/coffee break with biscuits taken at around 11am
      Lunch – around 1pm
      Afternoon Tea – around 3/4pm tea, cake, sandwich
      Dinner – around 6/7 (main family meal)
      Supper – before bed – drink (hot choc) and snack (sandwich or bubble and squeak often left overs from dinner)

      Northerners tend to call Lunch – Dinner and Dinner -Tea. This is the traditional family diet I was brought up on, it’s no wonder my mum never left the kitchen with 9 of us to prep that lot for every day. Funnily enough I was the only fat one too and I was the most active… never did get to grips with that one although I blame it on my inability to face breakfast.

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