Day 11

Not sure if this is Day 10 or 11. Not very good at keeping track am I?

Anyway, today’s been good 😀

I didn’t have kefir this morning and have felt really hungry all day and tired. Not sure if that’s from lack of kefir, psychological effects of not having kefir, because I skipped breakfast or because it’s just been a hard to control day. My friend who drinks kefir every day without fail said she forgot one day and felt dreadful and couldn’t believe that’s how she used to feel the whole time.

I wasn’t intending to skip breakfast but when I woke up as I was heading down stairs I spotted a  letter (those of you who aren’t familiar with the way it goes in the UK and I’ve had many friends from overseas remark on this) our mail is posted through our doors and lands on our hall mats. We don’t have to get it from a mailbox unless we live in a more modern apartment block where we may have individual boxes but even apartment blocks have doors to stick mail through.

So the letter took up most of my morning dealing with the contents. I wish I’d left it and had breakfast and a drink at least but I wanted to deal with it urgently (as is the way I do things) and so everything else was forgotten and I slipped back to an old habit.

I will not do that again, lesson learned.

I’ve been resilient casting my hunger pangs aside though. I have had a good day food wise. Lunch I had a light sandwich, wholemeal bread, no butter, lean ham with a fruit salad and dinner I had a light omelette which was nice and fluffy whipped up with fromage frais and stuffed with mushrooms and tomatoes served up with a tuna salad dressed in fresh lemon juice. I had some strawberries with natural fat free yoghurt for dessert.

Only two more days to go until I can bottle my Kambucha and see how that goes and on the same day I get to have my first official weigh in. Yaaaay! Hope I’ll still be saying that on Friday.




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