Are you a love gainer or love loser?

Just wondering, when I’m in a relationship (I’ve had a few I have a terribly short attention span) I always gain weight  yet my Imagefriends seem to lose weight.

I’ve heard it called “contentment weight” and I’ve heard it called “love slim”. If it’s significant enough to get its own name then surely it’s common place.

So come on what are you? Love losers or love gainers? Even if you’re lucky enough to have spent your life with one awesome person do you find your weight fluctuates or fluctuated and besides babies do you think the way you felt within your relationship affected your size or lack of?



14 thoughts on “Are you a love gainer or love loser?”

    1. Haha, I wonder if that’s what happens to me. When I’m single I do find losing weight easier because I become a bit of a social recluse, I avoid eating out, dates with anyone even girl friends, I don’t have to think about anyone’s appetite but my own or anyone’s schedule but my own. I know I have kids but that’s different.

      I don’t think I lose weight to attract men, I think I’ve always done it for myself but I’ll have to have a think back about that one.


    1. Thank you.

      I did have a boyfriend once who agreed to join me in healthy eating and he really didn’t need to, he lost weight so fast I nearly lost him in bed a couple of times. I had to tell him to eat again before I killed the poor guy 😀

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  1. For me it was never one or the other. I’ve been fat most of my life and have dieted successfully on many occasions. Some of these were while my husband was alive: his view was that he couldn’t care less WHAT size I was – he just wanted me to be happy. I was so lucky …


        1. So true. When I was about 21/22 I was probably at my thinnest and what I feel was my most attractive, I had a good life, I was always bronzed and had lovely hair and legs to die for. I wasn’t that confident in what everyone else saw until recently when a friend sent me some photos from those days and I realised what I had actually looked like. Even so I did know I was at my best, I was in my prime [the first of many ;)] yet I never had a boyfriend because if anyone approached me I questioned their motives always. I’d think “if I was overweight you’d not have given me the time of day, you’re so superficial, what do you want me for” tons of negative thoughts about myself and ‘him’ running through my head all at once. I could never just think “Hey, he’s hot, I’m hot, let’s be hot together” like I should have.

          Darn those missed opportunities! 🙂


  2. I’m a contentment gainer. But that goes with my general pattern in life in that if I am stressed I gain weight too because I want to eat more, whereas I know people who, when stressed, can’t eat a thing. Oh, HOW I wish I was one of them!


    1. Haha, I’ve often longed for a loss of appetite, it doesn’t even come when I’m sick.

      I passed that on to my son, he was very seriously ill as a baby and the doctors could not believe how through it all he kept on gulping down that milk. He was 4 months old, I was breastfeeding, he wouldn’t take expressed milk and sometimes I couldn’t hold him due to his illness and the machines attached to him. That made for some innovative positioning and some interesting scenes, thank goodness nobody took any photos!


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