Minty Beef Stew

Minty Beef Stew

This is a delicious recipe for anyone who likes their red meat.

It’s my variation on a Greek Stifado (one of my favourite dishes ever when eaten on an idyllic Greek island of course).

It can be virtually carb free if you eat it on it’s own as a chunky soup or stew and is versatile enough to go with any carb base you can imagine if you wish. If eating as a soup and you don’t want to over indulge in chunky bread, try dipping in a hot soft pitta.

This recipe makes more than enough for 6 people and refrigerates and freezes beautifully so can be prepared well in advance to help with after work meal planning.

Mint and beef are not often put together but it works really well in this dish and with the lemon and chilli creates a real refreshing zing. Deseed the chilies before cooking if you don’t like spicy food or use other types of chilies.

You can swap the chick peas out for some petits pois if you’re not keen on them.

You can also add a splosh of red wine if you want and this cooks beautifully in the slow cooker too, simply throw everything in together and cook as you would any other stew.


8 thoughts on “Minty Beef Stew”

    1. Haha, that’s where it’s best. I use it with lamb and pork but never used to use it with beef, the proper recipe for stifado includes star anise but if you don’t have any lying around (like I usually don’t) you can create a nice fresh similarish zing with mint and lemon. Experimentation is good.

      I made this earlier to freeze for next week…somehow I don’t think it will make it that far. It smells and tastes divine and I decided to have this for my dinner instead of what I’d planned, that can wait until tomorrow.


        1. Indeed and this one feels like it’s so bad it has to be making you fat but it’s not. It’s a good one for dinner parties so you can feed it up to everyone and dive in yourself. The problem with this one comes if you have an imbalance of carbs with it, so if you overload on cous cous or rice, you have to either not have any or keep it firmly under control.


    1. I wish I could be, I just love meat too much. I try to minimise my intake especially of red meat but now and then I just give in. I try to get my protein from eggs, fish and dairy, it just feels healthier but I have a will power issue.


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