Day 14… can I get a global hurrah?

So everyone knows I hate scales but I gave in after week one because I needed to know. So on week two I weighed in for the first time in how long I don’t know and I was destroyed to see how much I had hurt myself and the damage I had caused when I saw the number. BUT I didn’t let it deter me, I used it to fuel my determination.

So I don’t know what I ‘lost’ the first week which is usually my biggest loss but this second week I lost 8lbs!!!

Anyone following me knows I eat well (healthily but lots) and that I do moderate exercise at the moment (walking & 20 mins of dancing per day, plus an increase in usual activity; more trips upstairs, getting things myself rather than asking the kids, cleaning out rooms, gardening)

I’m trying to do this for life in a sustainable way. I’m trying to understand food and my mental approaches to it.

At the end of this second week what is more important to me than what I have lost, is what I have gained.

  • I have gained a deeper understanding of my own personal issues
  • I’ve gained some self belief, I’m starting to like me again
  • I have gained in health. There is a huge list of benefits already.
  • I have gained a fantastic group of people from around the world who support, inspire, amuse and motivate me as well as touch me with their understanding of the psychological side of obesity and make me realise I’m not the only one, I’m not weird, I’m not odd, I’m just dealing with an illness that is shared by many, spoken of honestly by few and understood by even less.

I’m going to do this, I am. I might falter at times but I am going to get there. I deserve to be me, the me on the inside, hidden by these layers of fat and one by one I’m peeling them off and one day in the future I will be free of the shackles of this condition. I owe it to myself and I owe it to my beautiful children who support me beyond belief and who love me regardless of what size I am but deserve to have their mum around to see them well into adulthood.

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting and for your own blogs I read as much as I possibly can and I lap up every word. Keep it coming I have a LONG road ahead, but what a great first step.

Oh and Tracey… she’s the extra person I carry on my back, it’s my long term goal, to wipe Tracey out. She sits at the top right of my blog to remind me. She’s divided into 7lb pieces and today I had the enormous pleasure of not only wiping a whole section of Tracey out, but of knowing I’m already 1lb in credit for the next section. 6lbs to go and two parts of Tracey will be history. I’ve gone for the random selection of chunks to remove as proposed by my daughter. The kids are taking it in turns to select parts to remove, it’s a big childish for them but they’re humouring me as they know how important this is. We have an A1 Tracey at home on the dining room wall too and the same piece of her has been ceremoniously removed today.

Took out a chunk of thigh



8 thoughts on “Day 14… can I get a global hurrah?”

    1. Thank you. I really hope so. one of the things I’ve noticed is how alone everyone has felt at some point in their lives and I think blogging has the answer to that. It’s being supported when you want it, not in an interfering way, not intrusively but when and how suits you by people who understand you or at least share something in common or something that can help


        1. It so does and with a blogging community in the same boat it helps to know that they actually know what you are going through. Even those that have not experienced being overweight in my network are supportive of initiatives to be healthy and fit and they are not at all judgemental or holier than thou. It’s good to have some people who find health and fitness easy to want to emulate and become like in the future especially when they are so cool and helpful and do not judge. Sometimes in real life approaching a fitness expert can be soul destroying, I often think “I know you’re looking down on me, I know you’re wondering what the hell have I done to myself, I know you have no idea how I feel” true or not. With blogging such people can see the cards on the table and are still willing to help without judging. I love that.


  1. *applause* Keep up the good work and never stop beliving in your own strength, you can do this! I lost 30 kg during the last 3 years and I’m still not finished with my weight loss, so I know it is a hard and long way, but it is possible and totally worth it. I really love Tracey – It just pictures your progress in a perfect way and I can’t wait to see her disappear completely someday.


    1. Thank you so much! Isn’t she just. I got used to her just being there but today I’ve been looking at her thinking about which piece I’m taking out next. Such a simple thing yet so motivational. It was a chat with a fellow blogger on comments that gave me the idea when she said that everytime an overweight person exercises they’re carrying more than their own weight, it’s scary to think I need to lose more than Tracey but she will be a fab long term target.

      Thank you for your comment I do truly find the blogging community a real source of inspiration and motivation


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