Good Food Day

It’s Good Friday. Surely they mean Good Food Day, today is all about food traditions here.

Hot cross buns for breakfast and/or elevensies and for the rest of the day at any time you can be bothered to warm one up, smother it in butter and ram it in your cake hole.

Fish, fish is a must for Good Friday, or in the part of the world I’m from, it’s traditional to eat fish on any Friday. Usually around these parts where it’s just to die for, we have fish and chips. Yummy! A sack of grease with some fish in it.

Chocolate, this is day one of chocolate egg eating. We have our first one on Good Friday.

Nowadays there are added enticements like easter biscuits, cup cakes and muffins.

So what are we going to have, what’s on the menu in our house … technically it’s Good Friday now at 01.30am but we have to sleep before it officially starts … so tomorrows alternative menu is:

  • Breakfast: A lovely bowl of porridge made with semi skimmed milk and sprinkled with sultanas and cinnamon (a la hot cross bun ingredients)
  • Lunch: Poached salmon steaks (lots of) with skin on potato wedges (not so many of) and petits pois (a la fish and chips and mushy peas)
  • Dinner: A huge salad with cold cuts and beans and radishes, lime sugar free jelly with fresh fruit and fat free chocolate whip desert home made  (a la Easter Egg)
  • Supper: While the children have the second halves of their eggs I shall have a Cadbury’s hot chocolate 40 calorie drink

If anyone puts actual chocolate near my lips I shall of course need restraining by at least 4 burly firemen or else said person will surely lose his/her hand.

Planning helps. I’ve got this, I’ve got this. I can do it.

I kid you not, if I do get through tomorrow with no slips (and I will be honest) I will feel like a veritable willpower queen. It will be a tremendous boost to my self belief. If temptation beckons I’m out of here power walking around the park. Distraction that’s all it will take distraction and next Good Friday I will happily indulge myself in a tiny Easter Egg, because next year I’ll be substantially thinner and far more in control of myself.


6 thoughts on “Good Food Day”

    1. Oh wow! Thank you. Of course I will participate, I’m light on bling and it’s a great way of networking. I don’t think i would have had such a good network already if it hadn’t been for your early nomination of me and my blog.

      I’ll do the necessary tomorrow as I have to get to bed now 3am, I’m getting earlier!

      Thank you again.


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