Sisterhood Award

Yay, more blog bling.

I was very kindly nominated for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award by Rob over on Weight2lose  I wish I could nominate Rob but he already has his Sisterhood Award and is wearing it with pride on his blog.  I feel he is with me each step of this, supporting, discussing, commenting, laughing and has a great musical talent. One of the few guy weigh tloss bloggers I’ve found so offers something of a unique perspective which is hugely valuable.

I am so happy to accept and to do my thing by nominating fellow bloggers for the award. I feel that this is an excellent way to discover other bloggers you may not have noticed before and to link up with people with similar interests or similar struggles or just a similar content that you can bounce off one another. If you’re nominated please consider following the other nominees and copy the appropriate blog bling from my side bar and add it to your own blog.

It is difficult to choose my  nominations as I love all of the blogs I read, that’s why I follow them so I’ve tried to choose ones which I interact with the most at the moment and those I’ve really started to develop a sense of sisterhood with.

I’ve tried to include a little resume about each nomination too so that you can see if there is something which you might want to pop over and have a look at or someone you might like to follow to catch up with when you have time.

Participation is of course entirely up to you but is a great way of building your network and believe me, you never know who is going to pop up and offer you some inspiration, encouragement, laughs, tears or just some really useful info.

First up the lovely Margaret Rose Stringer who writes about writing and tells it as it is on any subject. A wise lady with, I think it’s fair to say, an opinion on most things. Inspirational, witty and supportive.

Next is Type A Workaholic this lady will tire you out. She always has so much going on in her life and it’s all inspirational

Next up is Claudicle I sometime feel this lady and myself are on about the same wavelength on opposite sides of the world. Struggling to stay on the weightloss path just like so many of us. Inspires me and encourages me more than she probably realises.

Next up is a lady who I think would welcome some inspirational fellow lifestyle changer bloggers for support and to bounce ideas off, it’s Crazy Dreamer

Next is the beautiful Slender Grapefruit who is inspirational with her thoughts and ideas on health and clean eating

6th on my list is the amazing Could You Diet For Me who already shares some awesome insight into the struggle to lose weight and live healthy and is a relatively new blogger who could maybe use some support to grow her network

Next I’ve chosen Oh Lidia for fantastic tasty recipes and some great little baking projects to try out as a family, keeping family engaged in food prep gives so many opportunities to discuss health and methods of cooking which teach them to be healthy and to have a good relationship with food

This next one had to be Fat Brat Diary for being brutally honest about the struggles with food and weight and for finding her own way to overcome the issues being overweight presents

Fat Girl Living Low Carb is next, she makes me laugh, a funny, tell it as it is no frills blogger

Next up is Jelly Belly has a great post up at the moment about struggling with Easter, not from a food perspective but from an exercise one. Routine, it’s all important.

Destini is next, great easy to achieve health challenges, on her blog at the moment details of the gallon of water for Thursday challenge and I’m doing the 100 days of healthy by dancing for 20 minutes a day with my kids. Great achievable fitness challenges anyone can do.

Next is Emmie who posts fab food ideas all of the time as well as some inspirational commentary on her journey. I love the way she includes her weight and water intake with each post.

Next is Mrs BeBe who is happy in her skin and thinks that everyone should be able to look and feel amazing no matter what their size. She reviews some amazing outfits, knows how to sniff out a bargain or a luxury item and gives frank and honest opinion on the attitudes of media to weight and her own back story is inspirational.

Finally for beautiful photography, inspirational and thought provoking verse and honest frank insights into her life and her personal journey Kelzbelz

I’m hoping that everyone gets a ping and that alerts them to having been nominated for this blog bling.

In any case consider checking some of these bloggers out,  they each add something to my life and they may do the same for you.




6 thoughts on “Sisterhood Award”

  1. Awww, I am so touched that you nominated me – thank you 🙂 If I’m helping anybody in any small way with my ramblings, that makes me happy. I’m not sure I’m able to get “blog bling” unless I upgrade to premium, though – I’ll have to look into that! Do you happen to know if it’s only available if you are a premium user?


    1. By the way to customise my blog I didn’t have to upgrade to premium there is a way to just add the customise option to your blog, which allows you to customise the appearance for a year. There is a fee in the UK it is £20 for the year. I googled how to do it and went from there.

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