Another plus to living healthy

I watched my daughter today, trying on her new summer wardrobe. She works so hard at university and two jobs but rarely spends any money on herself so it’s good to see her come home with tons of shopping bags. She has lots of graduate interviews and recruitment days coming up so she wanted to look the part and bought some lovely smart outfits which she looks the perfect young exec in. I’ve no doubt anyone seeing her turn up for an interview would be impressed before she even opened her mouth, she just looks the part and like it or not, I do think that makes a difference.

She’s really good at putting a look together and has a knack for adding little touches which really sophisticate an outfit or alternatively make it fun and fresh. Beside the business outfits, she also had lots of bright casual clothes and as she threw each outfit on, the vibrant colours, the bright white jeans (I turned green with envy, I’ve never been able to pull that one off), the cute floral dresses I realised something very, very important… if I get down to her size I can steal her clothes! 




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