Day 15

Today’s been a bit of a challenge. It’s been one of those tough days where it’s been hard not to want to eat what I want.

I think it was all thrown off by a lie in this morning which meant I skipped breakfast and my first meal was lunch which was a jacket potato and beans with some salad and for dinner we had a bit of a clear out of the fridge ready for new shopping to arrive and it was very meat heavy with us having a kind of healthy (ish) mixed grill.

I took the fat off pork steaks and griddle panned them with some baby tomatoes and wilted fresh spinach, I just sprinkled them with some salt and pepper and a dash of paprika.

We had some tenderised beef steaks which needed using so they were grilled with a seedy French mustard and honey marinade.

I dry fried some eggs and made some chunky potato wedges (skin off) by cutting potatoes into big chunky strips, par boiling and then tossing in a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning.

I served it all with a heap of fresh spinach and rocket leaves with slices of cucumber and radish dressed in a squeeze of lemon juice. Afterwards I had a delicious peach, banana and strawberry smoothie.

It wad delicious but didn’t seem to fill me up. No idea why as it was a big meal.

Tonight I was making a trifle (fat and sugar free, I’ll show you tomorrow) and couldn’t resist having a banana and some sliced peaches with a little tiny drizzle of fat free custard.

So while technically what I had wasn’t so bad in that it wasn’t heavy on fat or sugar and contained lots of good stuff, it was a little carb heavy and I know me and carbs don’t go well together at all.

I really think that my key to beating this is to have breakfast in the morning and not skip. Even if I get up late I should still have breakfast and not skip to lunch.

Also I really shouldn’t sleep in as it means I not only miss breakfast but I miss my regular morning Kefir and I notice now the difference when I don’t have it on time, I’m hungry and feel an old familiar lethargy returning. Twice I missed it and twice I’ve had this feeling, I’m thinking now that it is not a coincidence.

I’m not going to beat myself up because I had a few carbs and a lie in, the chances for those are rare and only happen during the holidays and will be a thing of the past as we head into next week and the final semester of term which is always crazy hectic and the carb thing, well that’s not going to happen much either and it wasn’t the end of the world.

I like to look at days where I veer from the plan as days which might feel bad but they are not as bad as they would have been before I started on my determined path. A normal Saturday would have kicked off with a fry up, bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, toast, beans, tomatoes and bread and butter, it would have moved into a lunch of a big doorstep sandwich filled with something and mayonnaise and dinner would have been a chinese takeaway and I would have managed to find space for at least 3 chocolate bars in there somewhere too.

What feels bad is often not bad at all compared to what was REALLY bad.

Routine though, routine is what is key here.  Now I know why the skinnies at work who eat like horses are not by coincidence the self same people who never skip lunch, they are out of bounds, incommunicado at 12pm, out of the office, having lunch somewhere. Those are the routine sticklers who probably don’t even realise that routine is keeping them from gaining weight.




3 thoughts on “Day 15”

  1. From what you have said, I’m confident you will have done no major harm. You said it yourself – What feels bad is often not bad at all compared to what was REALLY bad. I totally agree 🙂


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