Now my kids love these creative family moments and they’ve just come up with a good one today. We love patchwork and quilting, my daughter is a throw back from the 1800’s I swear, she loves home made. She bakes and sews and at the same time is a driven ambitious business minded beautiful young thing. She suggested that as my clothes get too big I don’t hold on to them I get rid fast so I can’t fall back into them. But she suggested that rather than giving everything away use at least one, maybe two items and start a piece of patchwork, even if it is only ever a cushion cover or if it develops into a quilt. Cut some pieces out, maybe embroider a word into each piece or one of the pieces about how I feel and then at the end of the journey when I reach my goal (of course my journey will never end) I will have a visual reminder of all of the effort I put in and the phases I went through.

I am so excited about that idea and will definitely do it, the first section will be very black but then that will reflect the dark place I was in. We decided to start in the middle and work out to see how colours and patterns change as I change in size and in my outlook.

What a great idea, maybe not for everyone but it works for me and engages someone else in my adventure in a meaningful way which will be tremendous support for me. I made one for both of my kids out of their baby/kid clothes as they grew up and I think that’s where the idea came from but I never thought of it and so I’m as ever grateful to her for thinking of it.




2 thoughts on “Patchwork”

  1. Think it’s a MARVELLOUS idea ! I got rid of all my big clothes when I went down from 107kg to 85kg, and now I’m stuffed because I’ve put a whole shitload of that back on. But you won’t.


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