Chocolate chocolate all around…

Well it feels like it. Fortunately this is one area where I taught my kids the dangers of excess. They’ve never been over indulged with chocolate (or Christmas presents come to that). I’ve rather preferred to create atmospheres which they will remember and pass on to the next generation. I like holiday times to be family times where being together is the main treat and everything else is incidental.

I’ve always asked other people not to buy them chocolate or anything for Easter, I rather they think about new beginnings, second chances, there always being an answer, always being a way back from mistakes and life’s hiccups.

So they get an egg each, it’s usually a very nice egg with a good high percentage of cocoa solids, which generally is so rich they can’t eat it all in one go and have no choice but to make it last them a couple of days (top tip right there).

I didn’t want an egg but of course they bought me one, a cute little Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate one with tiny tasting chocolate bars. When I opened it the tasting chocolate bars had vanished and I was told they were hidden away and I would get one on the day after weigh in each week as my treat if I asked for it. My daughter who has become the food police around here, took my egg away from me after I’d eaten a couple of super satisfying pieces “Right mum, that’s enough, you can’t control this yourself so I’m going to do it for you. No more until later”. She’s right I would have scoffed the whole thing, I need taking in hand when it comes to chocolate.

She’s just so pretty and smart and so supportive that I can’t argue with her. She’s the only one who can get way with this, taking my chocolate from me would result in a wrestle for it with anyone else. She knows she’s the only one who could do it and not make me angry or upset. I’m doing this for her (and her brother of course but he would just let me eat it if he thought it was making me happy).

So I’m feeling like a big fat kid on rations right now but that choc was fantastic and I daren’t even go look for the rest of it, if you knew my daughter you DO NOT mess with her. She is the sweetest little thing but… let’s just say that warrior princess at the top of my blog, well her inner warrior princess is not as inner as mine, she’s way closer to the surface. This is perhaps why she is always the first team member of choice for everything at school (back in the day), college, uni, work, paintballing, rowing, assault coursing anything because she is one fired up determined little powerhouse and when she tells you what’s going down… it’s going down, there are no arguments.

So happy Easter folks, whatever it takes to resist I hope you manage it and if you don’t there is always tomorrow for that fresh start and renewed determination. Eating chocolate isn’t the end of the world, it’s what normal people do. If you give in DO NOT let it put you off the path, DO NOT feel like you let yourself down, DO NOT feel bad or guilty, just brush yourself off, it’s ONE DAY in a lifetime, make tomorrow better and the day after and you’re cool.

Roast lamb today in keeping with tradition, I can’t have any of that lovely fatty outer edge bit so I’ll be going for the lean stuff in the middle and serving it with a few boiled new potatoes and a huge helping of broccoli with a big helping of fat and sugar free fruit filled trifle for afters. Photos to follow.


One thought on “Chocolate chocolate all around…”

  1. It is so hard with holiday goodies all around! I understand I remember when I ate a few mini kit kats when I was starting to loss weight. I felt so bad and then a trainer said you can never give up your favorites or you will have a binge day. She was so right. Enjoy your day and I can’t wait to see your photos. 🙂


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