Blog Poetry Challenge: My First EVER Poem

Mama you are awesome

Funny, sweet and kind

I know you don’t believe these things

But I need them off my mind


I really, really want mama

For you to see you as I do

You might stop being so harsh mama

And see your beauty too


Everything you do mama

Is with love for someone else

Sometimes I really wish mama

You’d just grow to love yourself


Mama I was sent here

I’m pretty sure that’s true

I was sent to bring this message

That you’re awesome just as you


Well who would have thought it? Now I’m a poet! Yesterday an artist! What is this blogging world doing to me??

I’ve never been able to write poetry and this is a very simple, from the heart attempt but I couldn’t resist the challenge I spotted here: Blogging Poetry Challenge to write a poem in the voice of a member of your family. I spotted the link to the challenge on WordPress Reader through a blogger I follows submission  which is awesome and can be read here: Smile At Urself Poetry Challenge Post

Immediately I thought of my daughter who has the cutest, most simplistic way of talking to me (when nobody is listening, she’s 21 only I am allowed to know she still loves being my little girl).  She inspires me, builds me up and loves me unconditionally and thinking of what she’s been saying to me lately this just flowed out in seconds, much to my shock. It’s primitive and basic but when I showed her she smiled and said “Oh gosh mama, if only I could have written that for you”, well she did, she did write it for me and thank you for the challenge. I’m growing day by day and not outwards for once.


5 thoughts on “Blog Poetry Challenge: My First EVER Poem”

    1. Thank you, it would be the kind of simplistic thing she would come out with, she liked it too which was a bonus but then she’s as good with this stuff as I am, we acknowledge that the boy in this household is the gifted one when it comes to lyrics and poetry.


  1. For me Poetry is nothing but simple words with all the feelings attached to them 🙂
    So, I think you did a wonderful job here… Your daughter will really love this one, if you read it to her ^_^

    And thanks for mentioning my blog and my work . It feels good, to help someone explore another side of their personality sometimes 🙂


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