Are you a night owl?

Saw another post challenge and couldn’t resist as I was just talking about this with my kids this morning. This one is about whether or not you are an night owl check it out by clicking this link :Because the night

I’m most definitely more creative at night. I am an eternal student and also a teacher now so I have to write a lot of academic stuff and I have to find ways to make my lessons interesting, engaging, meet diverse need and ability and also fun (I teach business and computing with a speciality area of economics so not always easy).

I can sit all day trying to find inspiration without satisfaction and then 11pm hits and suddenly my creative juices start fuelling my idea factory, it creaks into action and starts to churn out idea after idea, my presentations become more exciting, more dynamic, I develop ideas for tasks to apply teaching and learning, I develop resources at a rate of knots, peaking at 2am and dwindling by 4am.

I can sit for days in libraries, offices, studies trying to put my thoughts into an essay and nothing, sit down at 11pm and it starts to flow, it assembles itself as if each component part is magnetically drawn to its natural neighbour and my masterpiece is complete.

Only problem is, I have to be fresh as a daisy at work to deliver all of my creations or to study further for whatever qualification I’m studying for at the time so my middle of the night creativity is restricted to weekends and holidays where I try to get as ahead as possible.


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