Kambucha is Ready

I was told to pop the top of the bottle after a couple of days to see if the Kambucha liquid popped like a champagne cork and if it did it was ready and to start consuming it so the bottles didn’t explode.

I set the bottles into a big plastic bowl just in case they did explode the mess would be minimised (top tip right there).

So today I popped a bottle and sure enough the tight seal eventually gave way and there was a lovely champagne cork pop, loud and Imageclear. So I released the gas on the other bottles (not sure I should have but it made sense to stop them exploding as I can’t drink it all in one go) and then hurried to the kitchen with my first ever bottle of Kambucha, brewed using my Ebay bought Kambucha SCOBY, organic green tea, organic apple cider vinegar and granulated refined white sugar, then fermented in the bottle with a home made raspberry and blueberry puree.

I poured it into the glass and it fizzed, like a regular fizzy drink and I sniffed it and it smelled slightly acidic (the vinegar) and I drank a good glug of it. It was nice! That alien looking mushroom thing had produced something pleasant tasting, it was very sweet, slightly acidic as I said and different but nice.

The first batch has to be made with apple cider vinegar to regulate the acidity, thereafter you use a cup of the previous brew for this so the second batch next week should not have that vinegar ting to it that this batch had, but having said that it wasn’t offensive. I guess the key is to use a good quality organic apple cider vinegar and not just a regular vinegar, had I used distilled vinegar I think it would have been undrinkable.

I had a 500ml bottle which had only been part filled so I probably had around 400ml in total which I didn’t realise at the time really exceeds what is recommended but I’m still alive, I’ll let you know later if I suffer any ill effects.

So far I’m feeling good, it was a few hours ago now since I took it and as recommended I washed it down with a pint of water. I’ve read so much about this stuff, its healing properties through detoxification, some of it is contradictory but I picked out the advice I felt was most common and which came from the most reputable and trusty sources and most said that as it does have detox properties it is wise to follow with a good big glass of filtered water to flush through and help the body remove the toxins it ejects, particularly those from the liver and kidneys.

I have noticed a slight rise in temperature but I experience that when I juice with kale and celery and also when I start a healthy eating plan which is rich in fruits and vegetables and know that it’s my body detoxing and it will settle after a day (I’m confident in that as I’ve felt it so many times before).

In some ways I’m glad I have the temp rise as it shows that even though I’ve been more or less clean living for over a fortnight now there was still some inner cleansing to be done.

Photo from http://www.culturedfoodlife.com/how-to-second-ferment-kefir/
Photo from http://www.culturedfoodlife.com/how-to-second-ferment-kefir/

Of course this morning I also had Kefir, it seems to have really established now, my grains are really big and strong and the milk produced is very tangy, much more pleasant tasting than in the early days and has a light effervescence too. I have no doubt at all that even though the main health benefit of Kefir is to place colonising good healthy bacteria into the gut and so aid digestion and colonic health, it has either directly or indirectly (by allowing my body to better absorb and use nutrients) contributed to so many health benefits.

I’m definitely more lively and have more energy, my sleep is deeper, more relaxed and refreshing (even though I’ve yet to regulate the times it happens), my appetite is reduced, I have a much clearer head, no bloating, no IBS, no heartburn, no acid reflux. OK so some of these can also be attributed to other aspects of my fruit and vegetable heavy diet but even so, there’s something going on that doesn’t normally happen when I follow such an eating plan.

One of the alleged benefits of Kambucha which really, really appealed to me is that it is a natural antibiotic and protects against illness but also that it cleans out any bad additives to food such as chemicals on fresh foods in the way of pesticides and such. Now if this is true than I will feel so much better about what I eat in future as I worry a fair bit about the crap that is on the good stuff.

My father died of liver disease at a young age and one of my brothers died at a young age of colon cancer metastases on the liver and lungs and anything which helps me avoid either of those two evils is worth a shot.

I’ll let you know how it goes from here.


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