Super Organised

I have to be super organised, I have to because I think for three people a lot of the time and for more than that the rest of the time (teaching 16-19 year olds is like being ma Walton and having lots and lots of children… adorable children). I’ve had 2 weeks of blissful peace, rest and self indulgence and I have prepared myself well for the last semester of the year. Lessons are planned, things which need printing are printed and organised into their own little dated folders, I have a brand new selection of pens and board markers and flip chart markers, blu tack and even a new presentation clicker. I have a new brighter spring wardrobe courtesy of my daughter and today I had my hair done, cut into a nice thick long bob and some blonde low lights worked into a lovely caramel main colour (at home of course I can’t bear the salon not yet).

I’ve done all of my outstanding marking and it’s winged its way by the wonders of modern technology to my students who are not going to be disappointed with their efforts and I am obviously immensely proud of them. I’ve touched bass with colleagues via work email today, geeing each other up for the run in to the end of the school year and awakening a desire to attend those silly o’clock in the morning curriculum meetings and my materials for the semester are uploaded to virtual learning environments ready to be made visible session by session.

I’ve taken on some teaching that isn’t within my usual scope, teaching interpersonal skills to some hospitality students for a colleague who has been taken sick and won’t make it back before the end of the year, so I’m looking forward to that challenge and have developed lots of fun and engaging activities which such a topic allows room for. I’ve also offered to 1:1 tutor a student who developed a bit of a bad attitude and fell off the tracks last semester but who finally approached me to ask for some help suddenly realising how important her education was if she wants to go to university in September. It’s not normally the done thing, it’s a bit exclusive and could be seen as unfair but I spoke to the rest of the class and they were hugely supportive of seeing the whole class graduate and not having a man left behind. This warmed my heart immensely and I was kind of pleased that I’d managed to build that strong team spirit which enabled them to consider this in such a mature manner. I also offered to post a schedule of our sessions online so that if any others wanted to refresh something or revise something in particular they could come along to any of the sessions they felt might be useful. We don’t get much flexibility in teaching and of course these sessions will eat into my prep time so I’ll have to make that up at home but I’m not bothered about that, I have part of myself invested in these kids and if they are happy to return and admit their mistakes and ask for help then that’s good enough indication to me that I am not wasting my time.

I have a little stash ready to go in the fridge of fruits, herbal tea bags, green and white teas which will help me through the days should I find time to need a snack. I’ve set out my coins for each day (a salad in the staff canteen costs £1.60, it’s the cheapest thing on the menu, the next being a jacket potato for £2.00 rising to £2.60 for things like curries, pies and anything with chips) so all I will have with me in terms of cash will be £1.60 per day so I have no option but to buy salad for lunch. My son ran down to the bus stop earlier and bought me a weekly bus pass for £10.00 so I will take the bus and not rely on the more convenient car and I will have to walk the 5 minutes to and from the bus stop each way each day instead of the hop, skip and jump from the car park and driveway. (I’ll have my card and phone for emergencies but this rationing will not only save me falling off my healthy eating plan but it will also save me a ton of money, I’ve worked out around £30.00 per week in total in terms of fuel, parking, snacks and meals & drinks).

I’m all ready and prepared and then… I realise we don’t start back tomorrow, we’re still on holidays until Wednesday. This means I’m straight back in to my first session being an observed session (we have these now and then to make sure we’re keeping up to standard). Last time my observed class went a little overboard with assisting me in keeping my Outstanding Teacher status by telling me at least 5 times during the session how much they loved me and my lessons. I swear my observer thought I’d bribed them all. I love teaching this age group it’s the best, it’s really such fun.

So yeah super organised, that’s me…I don’t even know when the term begins 😦


4 thoughts on “Super Organised”

    1. I think it has to be. I used to be a Strategic Manager and way before that I was PA to a number of CEO’s so organisational skills were always paramount.

      Teaching is a whole other ball game though, you’re planning forward, keeping an eye backward, bringing backward forward, setting forward back, getting to grips with how what you are doing now fits into what you will be doing in 10 weeks time, 20 weeks time and what you did 10 weeks ago, 20 weeks ago. It takes some brain power. I wish it was all about classroom delivery, that’s the bit I love, that’s where I become queen of my castle and where my influence is strongest but without all of the planning that time wouldn’t be used so well so it’s important.

      It’s not the ease into retirement I anticipated haha but it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done and with the age group I teach, where they are most prone to go off down the wrong path makes it even more rewarding.


  1. I’m very impressed with your organisational abilities from what you’ve said! And organisation is absolutely key to this “journey” (one of these days I’ll think of a better word – shows like BL have ruined that word for me forever!) because I find my worst days are ones where I am not organised and I haven’t planned where food is concerned. Seems to me avoiding getting too hungry is a good idea because I make my worst decisions when ravenous so it could be the same for you?


    1. Definitely. Most of the time I don’t have time to feel hungry but then I get home and it hits big time, I’ve decided to eat a banana and have a big glass of water before leaving work so that I don’t walk in starving and grab anything I can while dinner is cooking or perish the thought, order in.


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