The Ghost of Easter Past

Oh dear, I have a feeling, just a slight one, that I may have over indulged yesterday and the ghost of Easter past will come back to haunt me on Friday, weigh in day.

But hey, it was a day, one out of 365 which happen each year, one out of 16 where I’ve been impeccably focused, one sixteenth of my most recent past I spent succumbing to the she devil inside who loves chocolate way too much to let it pass by undevoured,

It wasn’t as bad as it could have been and it was good chocolate 😛

We’ve thrown all remaining offending food stuffs into the bin today, it was sad, it was like a funeral, but it was essential. Waving bye bye to temptation. One day was OK but the key is to keep it at that one day and move on with the plan, refocus on that goal and put the one day behind and savour the memory of that gorgeous milky, creamy, brown stuff melting in the mouth and sliding down the throat, safe in the knowledge that it will be a while yet before it is savoured again.

I’m not even angry with myself… I don’t feel defeated, deflated or let down, I feel like a rational person who on an odd occasion had a little of what she fancied and I believe it’s done me good. I know I can do this now, I know I can transgress and forgive myself and move on. It’s a big step and if the scale wants to reprimand me for it on Friday, so be it, I can take it because I know the next Friday I’ll be kicking it’s butt again.


7 thoughts on “The Ghost of Easter Past”

  1. Good on you for moving forward from your day. And that’s all it is, a day. It’s nothing to be upset about 🙂 It won’t make a scintilla of difference to the end result.


    1. thank you and so true, a day is far far better than 3 months of over indulgence at a time. I have to have a healthy long term perspective on this (which I’ve never had before) or else I’m doomed to fail and that’s not an option


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