One of the most frustrating things about motherhood is when your time gets hijacked.

You have it all planned out, you have a schedule, you work in some ‘me time’ you even manage to develop a cunning plot to watch a TV programme alone in silence and then the marauders come in and hijack that time.

“Mum could you just… mum I wonder if… mummy (you know it’s a good one when your kids are over 10 and they start a sentence with mummy), erm mum…, “

My daughter did this to me today (it gets worse as they get older believe me because you can’t put them to bed at 7pm and forget about them for a couple of hours) only she wasn’t even here.

Nowadays thanks to the wonders of technology they can hijack your time from afar. She is happily on a graduate jolly… erm I mean a graduate recruitment event (the type where you’re through the first 4 stages and now it’s time to get together with other similarly minded people and have fun building bridges and solving problems like ‘how do we get candidate A from point C to point D with only items B and E to help us?’).

Believe me, my daughter will be in her absolute element doing such things, it won’t feel like an interview process, to her it will be like playing her most favourite games, she won’t give a stuff if she gets an offer or not, she will have really enjoyed herself, met new people, spent time in a new city, had dinner somewhere where she can indulge her sophisticated tastes of unknown origin and spent a couple of blissful uninterrupted hours on a train earphones engaged, book in hand.

Now that last bit is  pretty much how I was supposed to be spending today until the text, backed up with an email and facebook inbox arrived to ask me if I could please proof read her 15,000 word dissertation due for submission tomorrow. She’d left a paper copy on her desk for me to make it easier and the electronic file on a memory stick so that I could make any amendments for her as she wouldn’t have time. “ONLY PROOF READ DO NOT REWRITE ANYTHING MUM, THIS MEANS SPELLING, PUNCTUATION, CONSISTENCY, MY REFERENCES. DO NOT REWRITE ANYTHING MUM.”  I love that repetition, this is how much the little madam thinks she knows me, as if I’d rewrite anything… as if 😉

Hijacked! I tell you, hijacked, my time was swallowed. BUT, I must say on the upside, I am pretty impressed with this work that she has produced, I didn’t realise how much effort and time she had put into it and I didn’t realise how academic her writing is, she has a wonderfully rich vocabulary and a real knack of putting together a well balanced argument. She never lets me read her university work as she feels that as I’m a teacher it might be considered unethical and besides she doesn’t want my influence in every aspect of her life. I love that.  

I fear the people who invited her to the big city to show them how good she is at getting candidate A to point D are already aware of her talents and after today they will love her too and that soon my little girl will stand before me as a woman about to leave and make her own way in the world. I’ve been lucky to have her so close for so long but I still want longer and I’m going to have to face that I can’t, it’s time for her to fly.

They grow up without us realising and every moment they’ve hijacked or will hijack I’m grateful for because it was a minute more I spent getting to know them better.

Now, back to reading this amazing book which taught me so much about myself in the first 10 pages and hooked me after the first 2.


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