Unexpected Day Off

Well, anyone reading yesterday knows I have an unexpected day off today, it’s dull and cold and I’m home alone 😦

BUT, every cloud has a silver lining and here is mine, arrived just on cue from Amazon. There could not have been a better time, I have a whole day to lounge around and get a good start on reading it. Everything happens for a reason. I’m indulging myself and not snacking on bickies and tea but a fruit platter and lots of water.

I must thank Margaret for my impromptu, unconventional morning exercise today.pres4 My daughter took delivery of the package and sensing it was a book, tucked it into her handbag as she was leaving to take a train journey in a vain attempt at snaffling it for herself. Spotting this on my way down stairs, I launched myself from the bottom stair and grappled it free from her grasp. She put up a fight and we spent several minutes wrestling and giggling on the hall floor. I have bruises to prove she didn’t give in easy. Daughters… they steal your books, socks, cardigans (regardless of how big they are) and of course your heart. She can have it when I’m done.


For those who don’t know this was written by a lovely fellow lady member of this global blogging community Margaret Rose who can be found blogging on all things by clicking this link Margaret Rose Stringer

I love reading as do my children and we love to support authors who don’t have 200 book deals with publishers because they’re a celeb using ghost writers churning out mindless trash.  I especially love real life stories/memoirs and my daughter loves spy/intrigue/dystopian themes.  My son is in rut at the moment and enjoys biographies/autobiographies of rock stars and footballers (it’s his age). Let me know if you have something for us to read and I’ll see if I can buy it from wherever (we love real books still the Kindle gets limited use) and we always review on Amazon but will also review here if it helps promote someone’s hard work.


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