Baggy Jacket

Just wanted to say that I put on a suit jacket today which I last wore on my last day of work before Easter so that would be 3rd April 2014, the day before my new approach to food and fitness began.

Just saying, today 23.04.2014 that jacket actually fastened with room to spare, it was even slightly baggy (screamed at the seams on 3rd April)

It’s not all about the numbers on the scale, sometimes it’s the little things that let us know what we are doing is working. Slowly but surely.

Look out for the little things and celebrate them, those are the things that will get us through the dark days of no change or even a tiny gain on the scales because we all know how damaging those can be. 


9 thoughts on “Baggy Jacket”

  1. Yay for baggy clothes! You might get a laugh out of this, the first thing that popped into my head was that old song by Madness, Baggy Trousers. You could dance around to it substituting ‘jacket’ for ‘trousers’ 🙂


  2. It’s NEVER about the scales. It’s ALWAYS about the clothes. You know that you can find you haven’t lost a gram, but something is loose on you. It’s a whole body change, this …


    1. So true. I really didn’t want to even use scales this time but I just had a unyielding yearning to know the numbers. To be honest it was a huge step (quite literally) to get on them as I really didn’t want to face facts so it was kind of bitter sweet introducing them. I’ll work on the day when I can just throw them aside and make it totally about the way I feel and not what I weigh


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