Humour Online Or Lack Thereof

I hate trolls and haven’t really suffered much in my limited online experience but one picked on me on Twitter today and I couldn’t help but laugh.

A while ago one of my students commented that prior to returning to learning, she had hated being unemployed and she commented that at times she could only communiciate with the staff who were in place to assist her with job search and benefits by phone or email. She said at times she could not afford access to either and living out in one of the rural (read isolated) parts of this community she faced a 12 plus mile, each way trip to visit the Job Centre in person. I commented on Twitter, where someone was adding to the demonisation of the unemployed by saying that services are available but ‘lazy scum’ (their words definitely not mine) don’t want to access them. I defended part of the unemployed community by pointing out that some of those services were not accessible to the people who needed them and there needed to be some consideration as to how those services are made more accessible.

This was in defence of job seekers/unemployed quite clearly.

I don’t use Twitter very often, haven’t checked it for a few days and so when I logged in today I was surprised to see lots of notifications or whatever they are called on there. All from one guy. Well, I assume he was a guy, you never know. And he had engaged on an onslaught stating that: (my thoughts are in italics)

“you attack the unemployed for not looking for work and yet you make your own living further deluding the already deluded”  who is this fruit and what is he on about?

“if you are a mother, your children deserve better than someone who considers themself able to converse with the dead” OK so who is this nut and what on Earth is he on about?

You condemn the unemployed and yet you profess to be the second coming” OK so this nut is grating now, where do I condemn the unemployed? I spend half my life helping people prepare themselves for work and what does he mean I converse with the dead?

You’re getting the picture now, there were about 12 or so all along the same confusing vain getting progressively more personal and deranged and aggressive when he suggested he should like to “end your [sic] life and see if you can commune with the dead then”.

I showed my daughter and we laughed, she called him a name I would rather not hear coming from a young lady’s mouth (but instantly forgave her and thought that was the exact word which had sprang to my mind) and then she said “Mum, what does your profile say?”

We clicked a few times and looked and found this on my profile (I couldn’t even have told you what it said on there if you’d asked):

“teacher, mother, taxi driver, bottle washer, doctor, psychic and miracle worker”. The crazy fool had taken my self-description literally and seriously believed that I consider myself to actually, in reality be all of those and not only that but at some point the sadness of mind had actually concluded that I’m paid in each of these roles “stealing money from the deluded”. 

Any mother/parent and most other general ‘do it alls’ would instantly empathise with the various roles we undertake and perhaps acknowledge that it was tongue in cheek, humorous even but sadly not every Twitterer.

The world’s full of crazy fools, some of us more crazy than others and some of us clearly with zero sense of humour. I don’t know this loon in person, I’m confident of that because if I did he would have known that I am indeed a psychic and miracle worker 😛 NOTE: I’m not really, I just feel like one some times, please be nice to me 🙂

The guy wasn’t even a follower of mine, the very cheek of the man! Oh well in cyberspace at least it is easy to ignore and block, if only it was so easy in real life to rid ourselves of irritants … what a happier place it would be.


20 thoughts on “Humour Online Or Lack Thereof”

    1. I often think how wonderful it would be if when you had really tired of a person and decided there was no point in continuing any kind of liaison you could just zap them away to an alternate universe or something with a remote control. Mind you, I’d have been living in the alternate universe for the past 25 years myself haha 😉


  1. Oh, my! The beauty of WordPress is that there are very, very few trolls residing here. In my years of blogging, I’ve never had a negative comment. The people on here are amazingly kind. Now, I’ll let you get back to communing with the dead!! Lol!


            1. I was just reading it. I read it out to my daughter she started to see it as a logic puzzle (as she does most things) it made us laugh. It’s amazing how some people just don’t see things clearly. Human differences they makes us what we are and it gives everyone something to chuckle about


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