I did it!

Yahoo! I managed to get through my first day back at work on my new healthy eating lifestyle with no hiccups.

And, and, get this, not one but four of my students asked if I had lost weight! Boosters all around. One of my colleagues asked if I’d lost weight too. I think the new clothes and hair helped as well to just give me a bit of a refreshed look and also of course I’ve had some serious rest over the past couple of weeks.

I had Kefir and Kambucha when I got up, with a pint of water with a fresh lemon squeezed into it and a teaspoon of turmeric (habit from well before the latest healthy eating effort, I use it to wash down 5 flattened garlic cloves, fresh organic ones of course. I think it’s a throw back from a detox I did one time which stuck).

Then I had a fruit cocktail with fat free Greek yoghurt (I love Greek yoghurt as it just feels like more of a dessert with it being so thick and yummy).

I got to work and had more water, then for lunch I had a salad with no dressing and more fruit (apple and banana) washed down with a pure smoothie and another pint of water.

Before I left work, because I know the few minutes when I first get home are hard, I had a banana and another pint of water. When I came in I wasn’t feeling hungry but started dinner straight away. I’d made a potato salad yesterday so to go with that I made a huge tuna salad with a heap of beetroot and boiled eggs. I took a chunk of a fresh baguette my daughter had brought home with her and pulled out the middle so all I was left with was the crust and I filled that with the salad. Another tip I learned (Slimming World I think takes the credit for that one… how to have your bread and eat it.) Before it I had 4oz of Kambucha.

I’ve got a bit of marking to do tonight and I’m going to sip on water and have a low fat, 40 cal chocolate flavoured drink before bed later.

It’s been a good day, oh and I walked up 6 flights of stairs and down again for fun in my lunch break and am about to go for a stroll in the remains of the sunshine with my kids on the beach. Walking in sand uses more calories right? It certainly feels like it. Tonight I start my Rockyesque climb to the top of the sea defences steps too, I don’t know how far I will get but I can tell you before I move away from here I will run to the top non stop.



9 thoughts on “I did it!”

  1. It’s always welcome when someone provides an unsolicited comment on our appearances, eh? Congratulations! There’s no better affirmation of our efforts than one you’ve experienced today. πŸ™‚


    1. It was a boost I must admit and it helped me through lunch when colleagues were sitting stuffing chips and curry and one even dared to have a pie with gravy and chips and I stuck to my salad and only cared a little bit.


        1. Thank you, I think day one of being back was my big test, there isn’t much of the year to do now, if I can make it through to summer break then I’ve got this cracked, I’m going to be living in such a beautiful part of the country in the summer and coastal walks are very much a planned feature of my every day life plus my delightful little great nephew to take on my adventures with me in his pram while his mum (my niece) gets some well deserved free time.

          I’ve got it all sussed out, I just need to get there and I’m confident I will


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