Blog Bling – Spreading the Love

Thanks to Rob over at Weight2lose for nominating me for more blog bling, the Sunshine Award Read about it here. I got a nomination today for another which I’ve been nominated for before so I’ll deal with that one soon as poss.

It’s up to you if you take part in these things, I know some people don’t like to but as a new blogger I found it a really useful way of building my network of similar minded bloggers and some others which just interested me. So take a look at some of my nominees if you get a chance to see if they may add something to your blogging experience the way they have added to mine.

First up for this one you get to answer some questions and then list the bloggers you nominate to spread the love.

1: Why did you start your blog?  

I was determined that this time would be THE time I would see this thing through, I knew I had to do some self counselling and writing works like that for me. Getting my thoughts out of my head, through my finger tips really helps me make sense of me. Because of those things I wanted to chart my journey, to help warn younger people struggling with weight off the yo-yo cycle (which only  makes you fatter) and to maybe spur on other people on a similar path to myself… a last ditch attempt to get to grips with a life long problem.

2: What is your favorite quote?

“Who feels it knows it” Bob Marley

3: If you could become famous, what would you like to be famous for? 

I would never want to be famous, I like to do what I do well and if someone likes it that’s good, but it’s all about how I feel about my performance in all things which counts to me, besides with my history, fame would be waaaay too embarrassing for waaaay too many people

4: What childhood memory puts a smile on your face?  

An easy one, my monthly trip to the barber shop with my daddy when I was a little, tiny girl. I used to sit there with a lollipop that the barber produced from nowhere by magic and watch my dad have his monthly cut throat razor shave and facial and have his hair cut immaculately. I remember my little feet always in white leather shoes or sandals barely reaching the end of the seat (once I started school I couldn’t make the trip anymore so my feet never made it to the end) and I remember always being puzzled as to why dad spent so much time having his hair cut when he was bald as a coot except for a bit around the back and sides. That bit around the back and sides and it being immaculate was important to him. I used to marvel at the way the barber made the bit at his nape perfectly straight as if he’d done it with a ruler. I often wonder if this is the reason why I make my decisions about the calibre of men by the way they have their hair cut at the nape of their neck (crazy but true) and I love that my son has inherited genetic memory of dad and has equal regard for the importance of his grooming (he makes me laugh especially when he was tiny and insisted on a proper hair cut at a barber not a hairdresser, I sometimes think dad came back in him). I never missed a hair cut (until I had to go to school) and it feels like a huge honour that on his last ever day at home, too sick to go to a barber,  I gave him his last ever hair cut and I got that nape line spot on and he went to meet his maker just as he would have wanted, looking smart and with his bit of hair immaculate (tears, I miss that man more than I can possibly put into words, does it show?)

5: Which holiday is your favorite?  

Oh gosh this is a good one. Kefalonia 2006. I’d been running 16 separate projects that year at work and was fit to burst with stress, I’d made a huge mistake and left the closest I will ever come to the love of my life for a stupid reason, I was as close as I’ve ever come to broken hearted over a man and I took us off to a beautiful villa on the side of a mountain, overlooking the Ionian sea, it was more or less isolated, private, beautiful, peaceful, the smells, the sounds, the view. When I arrived at the villa I stepped out onto the pool terrace looked around me, mountains behind, azure sea ahead and cried with relief to be away from life. I’ve been back so many times, the place holds such treasured memories for me and each time I step out I burst into tears, even if I’m not stressed. I love the place, it moves me beyond comprehension.

6: Who inspires you?  

My children, they are my raison d’etre and I have my own separate life but they inspire me to make the most of that too.

7: What do you like about blogging?  

Building a tremendous network of support, beyond any of my wildest dreams, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I had to say and I didn’t expect to find so much motivation and inspiration. Also as I mentioned before it helps me make sense of myself.

8: what book is your favorite?   

Othello by that chap Shakespeare. I’ve loved it since I was a child and I never tire of it. It has perhaps saved me from ever feeling jealousy and made me realise that there are some bad people in this world, like it or not who can turn your good into bad and misrepresent you and scheme behind your back, it taught me to be wary of people and careful of who I trust. It’s probably the reason why I have always kept under S in the filing cabinet a “For when the shit hits the fan” file, wherever I’ve worked. It also taught me to embrace the diversity of mankind and to treasure opportunities to find more out about the world by embracing opportunities to travel and to get to know people from different walks of life to myself

9: If you could be a fictional character who would it be and why?  

I want to be the girl from 50 First Dates, it would be really great to be able to totally erase from memory many that I’ve endured.

More seriously I always just wanted to be the princess who was good and kind and whose fairy tale came true… I’m still waiting.

10: what is your favorite past time?  

Saving my life! My new lifestyle has become a past time from the choosing and prep of food to my exercise to blogging, it’s all become a joy and something I’m really building into my life as an important and enjoyable part of it. One day I will just live like this and it won’t take so much effort and I’ll have more time for other things but right now, I couldn’t think of anything better to be passing time on than staying alive, healthy and fit for as long as possible. I’ve not given up on happy ever after yet.

I’m nominating the following blogs:


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