Friday Good or Bad

I think I made a mistake making my weigh in day a Friday. 

At the outset I wasn’t going to weigh myself at all but I caved in to the old need to know and I started my new lifestyle the second it struck me that I could do it. I’ve been around long enough to recognise when I’m in the zone (I hate that expression but it says what I want it to) so I didn’t hang around, I didn’t think “I’ll leave it until Monday” I just started. Wiped out all of the rubbish and filled cupboards and fridge with good stuff.

It just happened to be a Friday.

I started to weigh myself the following Friday.

Now, what I’m thinking, knowing myself and all that, is that I’m going to slip into danger zone if I continue to weigh on a Friday.

Another blogger’s post about being in a cycle made me think about this and she had a good point. Weigh Friday, find you’ve lost weight, lose focus over the weekend and regain weight, start trying to lose weight again on Monday (it went something like that and I’m grateful for her posting it because I wouldn’t have thought about it otherwise).

This is EXACTLY what I will do if I carry on weighing on a Friday. I’ll lose weight, think “I’ve done well I can have a couple of treats over the weekend” then I’ll put what I lost back and so on… upshot of this is, I’ll never get anywhere.

The yo-yo will definitely NOT be broken.

So I’m thinking of changing my weigh day to a Monday, that way I will not be tempted to stray over the weekend (biggest danger time for me) as I’ll know I have weigh in coming up. 

I’m sounding very negative and out of control here and that’s largely because I am. I am obese and that didn’t happen by accident. I know what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve lost probably… I don’t know around 30/40 stones in my lifetime, I know how to lose weight and I know the best methods for me and I know that I need to be run on a very, very tight leash or else I’m off! Scampering so far off the path that to anyone on it I’m just a spec in the far distance. If I have a hope in hell of keeping it off and making this my lifestyle I have to struggle through these early days and get my routines right.

I know I will have difficult times and temptations and I’m trying to manage this optimally so that I can avoid as many of those as possible and strengthen myself to get through as many as possible. I’m not going to find this lifestyle easy, I know I’m not but I’m trying to make it as easy as possible to become habit forming long term for sustainability.

What I don’t know is if I should weigh tomorrow and again Monday OR if I should just weigh Monday and make that my weekly day from there on. The upside of that is that I may have another chunk of Tracey to shed by Monday which would be a HUGE boost. Also if I weigh tomorrow and lose the weekend may be tempting me knowing I have 9 days to re-shed. Believe me I hope I can survive a weekend without going off the tracks at this point but I never know what’s around the corner so better to be safe than sorry.

You are in the mind of the obese lady now, this is what occupies my brain cells at the moment, it’s all about getting it right, thinking things through and avoiding those danger spots and I think a Friday weigh in is a HUGE danger spot for me.

Hmmm, my daughter and the friend who is being supportive have both said go for the Monday weigh in. I don’t think I need a weigh in tomorrow, I’m not that bothered, I’m feeling good and the week has passed so quickly, I’ve not been willing myself towards tomorrow so I’m not going to be disappointed if I don’t weigh.

Decisions decisions.

I can’t weigh more than once a week as I will become obsessive, weigh every day and the second it stays the same or rises I will be off eating chocolate, so weekly weighing is my only option at the moment, I really want to reduce it to once a fortnight and then once a month and hopefully rid myself of the need to do it at all eventually but for now it’s a necessity.


8 thoughts on “Friday Good or Bad”

  1. You’re thinking is similar to my thinking. Weighing in on a Friday would lend itself to me lowering my guard. There’s a natural tendency to relax after the work week concludes, so we’re probably not on high alert. I like to weigh myself bi-weekly and more towards midweek.


  2. Might as well wait until Monday. I started by using Monday. I actually weigh every day and usually the official weight on Monday was more than a previous day, so that would bum me out. But it’s all relative. Mostly now I don’t even pay attention to a pound or two gain (except on weigh-day), only the losses, even half a pound. Now I’m weighing on Wednesday because Jan 1 was a Wednesday. If you only weigh once a week, I can see how Monday would be a good way to help with weekend overeating.


    1. Yes thanks for your thoughts, I think that’s what I’m going to do. I know myself too well, while I’m really finding this easy going at the moment if I give myself any get out clauses I will take advantage of them at some point and that’s a real big one for me.


    1. It helps so much. I use my blog as a sounding board or more like somewhere I can talk to myself. I write then read it back a couple of hours later as if it was someone else and I know what I would advise them. It’s an absolute bonus that others comment and give advice and support too.


  3. Sounds like a good idea to me, moving the weigh-in day to Monday. I totally understand where you’re coming from re the weekend even if I don’t relate to that personally at the moment as much as I once would have – as a shift worker, my weekends are all over the shop and might be a Tuesday and a Wednesday, or might only be one day, or might be three. Consequently I am weighing daily or every two days at the moment. I know, I know – “they” say we shouldn’t do that, but, like you, I also need a strong leash on me and the more I weigh myself, the more closely I tend to watch myself. I don’t think there is any shame in admitting we need that leash. Whatever it takes, I always say 🙂


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