The UP side

I just read something that said there is an up side to being fat!  Read it all by clicking here Mirror of Your Health Blog

Our fat holds moisture which keeps our skin moist and thereby fends off wrinkling.

So you mean to tell me all this time I’ve not been obese at all? I’m just an evolutionary miracle? I’m not only hauling around a stockpile of natural moisturiser I’ve been carrying the  elusive elixir of youth all this time?

And get this fellow fatties, there is a DOWNSIDE to losing weight, you lose this skin hydration system and your skin starts to dry and wrinkle faster.

I don’t even care, I’m just stoked that there is a DOWNSIDE to losing weight.


2 thoughts on “The UP side”

  1. Haha. You should take a poll. “Do you prefer your partner lean and fit with wrinkles or fat and unhealthy with baby-smooth skin?” LOL. Why can’t we just have IT ALL??


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