I love sunrise, it’s beautiful the way the sky turns from black to darkest blue and all shades of purple, pink, orange, red. It’s as spectacular as sunset, even more so. I waited up for this sight and was not disappointed.

I so look forward to feeling like getting on a plane again and going somewhere beautiful.


12 thoughts on “Sunrise”

    1. I loved this shot the moon made it for me.

      I’m longing for a holiday, I used to travel such a lot. I really want to do a US road trip, that’s my big travel ambition, my daughter keeps on asking if we can just fly over, hire an RV and hit the road. Being a teacher I get long holidays in the summer so it’s a possibility for us, when I’ve disappeared a bit more I think it could be on the cards for us definitely. Before then though I am sure I’ll make it over to Greece or Portugal or somewhere hopefully by the end of this summer if the weight comes off.


      1. I’ve always wanted to do a cross country trip by way of RV. Part of it is my fear of flying, but part of it is to really see what is called “flyover” country. I think that you and your daughter should take that trip!


        1. I hate flying but I do it, I try to imagine I was suddenly rich and would definitely be flying frequently visiting everywhere I want to go and it gets me through. I’m fine in the air it’s the take off bit that I really hate and landing if it’s protracted, especially at busy airports like Heathrow where you’re in the pattern for so long although on a clear day seeing London from the air is something else, I’d just rather not be doing it at a 30% angle hundreds of feet in the air.


                1. Oh dear.

                  When I last flew it was to New York (and back) we had internal flights booked from NYC to Atlanta to visit friends and then from Atlanta to Orlando to visit Harry Potter World and then flights back to NYC for a few days and then back to London for a few days then home.

                  I braved the flight to NYC, I don’t know how, it was New Year’s Eve and I got talking to this crazy Scotts couple who were blind drunk and hilarious and it just took my mind off taking off and the whole flight passed with a party atmosphere.

                  But then I lost my nerve and after our 8 days in New York I couldn’t get on the flight to Atlanta so we had to hotfoot to Penn station and forgo the trip to Atlanta and take the almost 24 hour Amtrak to Orlando (It turned out to be a fabulous experience to be fair) and still hadn’t regained my nerve for the trip back to NYC so it was the train again (another fab trip). Then we worried I wouldn’t be able to do the flight home but of course I had no options, there is no Amtrak route across the Atlantic and even Richard Branson hasn’t got a Virgin train to run on water so I did the flight. Lesson learned: If there’s an alternative I’ll take it.


  1. Beautiful shot πŸ™‚ And by the way, you guys should try living where I do. EVERY flight to the northern hemisphere is a massive undertaking and let’s not even talk about the price of the airfares :O πŸ™‚


  2. Such a beautiful picture! I usually miss sunrise as it’s on the wrong side of the house to see (or I’m sleeping still), but you’re right it’s just as awesome as sunset. Maybe more so since it’s the start of a brand new day!


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