I did it!

I got her this lovely emerald green lucky clover



She will just love it.

I can’t believe how I let things affect me and threaten to stop me from doing the things I want to do. If that had been something for me I would have backed down but when it come to my kids I get this strength that pushes me well out of my comfort zone.

This is how I take flights and go on roller coasters and subject myself to all manner of fear facing when it comes to them even when I’m not fat. I don’t want their memories to have a big gap where I should have been, I don’t want gestures I want to make go unmade and risk them thinking I didn’t care enough or they weren’t worth it I have to find the courage to face my fears, of heights or of flying or just this irrational one of shopping malls.

Thank you so much to everyone for your encouragement and kind words and sharing your own thoughts on this subject, it helped me to do what I had to do and not feel bad about it.

I didn’t buy anything bad to eat I came home and had a nice refreshing glass of Kombucha and started to prepare a nice healthy chicken curry for dinner.


9 thoughts on “I did it!”

    1. Thank you, she will love it, she loves the dangly jewelled ones best.

      I feel so accomplished I don’t even want food but I know myself well enough to know that I need to eat something anyway or else I’ll be foraging tonight


          1. Just be careful and conscious when eating dehydrated foods. We tend to over eat them which in turn means we are eating more calories than we should. They also digest much more slowly than whole foods making you think you’re still hungry. This is something that I’ve been reading about in my studies recently. 🙂


            1. Oh that’s really interesting thank you. I usually put dried fruits on my porridge in the morning so I guess for that they are good as it is only a few and the porridge gives me instant satisfaction so the fruits are not over compensating. But you’re right I sit and chomp through a fair few, I’ll start to put a few in a bowl instead of sitting with the packet on my lap in future.


              1. You’re welcome! Always glad to share whatever I can that may be helpful. 🙂 Now that you’re conscious of it, I know you’ll do great at keeping an eye on how many you’re consuming. It’s one of those many hidden things they (food companies)don’t want you to know unfortunately. They just want us to be addicted and keep buying more so they can make money. They don’t really care if we’re healthy or not, which is so very sad.


                1. That’s true, we forget that we’re just as much victims of corporations when it comes to over spending on food as we are when it comes to buying clothes, shoes or anything else. It’s easy to let that slip our minds. I’ve been brewing kombucha and kefir and am shocked at how much it costs to buy ready made when it’s so easy and inexpensive to make at home, and you know what is in it.


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