Ode to Fatty

Who invited fatty?

With her flabby bulging thighs

Her face filled with blubber

I can barely see her eyes


Who invited fatty?

She takes up so much space

She’s just a lump of shaplessness

Did she ever have a waist?


Who invited fatty?

With her pudgy hands and feet

In clothes way too small for her

She takes up two whole seats


Who invited fatty?

She breathes so very deep

She only gets exercise

When she’s running in her sleep


Who invited fatty?

It really cannot be

That the lady in the mirror

That fatty, that is me


Who invited fatty?

She just turned up one day

I really hope she knows

That she isn’t here to stay


Say goodbye to fatty

She’s heading for the door

Be strong and make good choices

And fatty will be no more


Remembering how I felt when I made the decision to start a new life is important to me. Remembering how sad I felt is important. I was harsh with myself, I looked in the mirror and thought who on Earth is that person, who is that fatty looking back at me. I am fatty and I don’t like it/her/us. I’m rubbish with words, I’m no good at poetry but as I wandered around the shops today, reciting a mantra to myself to cope this little thing came to mind. Yes people looked at me and yes they were thinking things but nothing I haven’t thought myself when confronted with myself in a mirror and what I think of myself is far more important than what other people think because I am the one who can change it, I am the one with the power and my dislike of myself is what will drive me forward to beating this once and for all. 


9 thoughts on “Ode to Fatty”

  1. I agree with Lisa. You should post those on your fridge. Every visual motivator we get, helps us. Acknowledgement of where we are and we have to go are necessary for us to move on. Your poem encapsulates that. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I’d say, you’re a poet and didn’t know it! I like your poem. I hope through your journey that your dislike for yourself will slowly turn into a love for yourself.


    1. Thank you. I only ever loved myself for a very short time and I was so shocked to find that I did that I didn’t do a very good job of it. Next time I’m going to enjoy it and learn how to do it justice.


    1. Sometimes I just don’t know who she is. I’ve got a hang up about mirrors anyway from my past but when I do look at myself properly, not just to apply make up or check and outfit, but actually look at myself I wonder what I have done to myself and who that person actually is. I look forward to reading if you do write and share 😀


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