Weigh Day

So today’s weigh day and I lost 5lbs. I’m so happy! This means I go down into the next stone category (an important measure for us in the UK) but boooooo! I can’t get rid of a Tracey chunk yet 😦 But next week another piece of her is being taken out for sure. (By the way Tracey is my imaginary friend, the extra person I carry around who I am trying to shed. Humour me, it helps me to visualise this hence the Tracey grid on my home page top right).

But hey this is what 10lbs of fat looks like and more than that has gone from my body in total and what’s more, it’s never coming back.


I’m happy that I lost 13lbs already at least.

I’ve not been starving by any means and have been eating well but healthily and even had some chocolate last week for Easter (little bit).

I feel better than 13lbs lighter, my clothes fit better, I feel more comfy, less bloaty and all of those health benefits remain (just a quick recap of some of those):

  • no heart burn, acid reflux, indigestion or IBS
  • no water excessive water retention
  • superb sleep quality, waking up refreshed and alert and needing far less sleep then I have in years
  • clearer head, sharper focus
  • less stress
  • improved skin, nails and hair
  • toilet functions (has to be said) much more normal and consistent
  • no liver distention from messed up gall bladder
  • improved flexibility and no joint pain and I’m far more active
  • more interest in personal appearance, new clothes, new hair-do spending more time on my beauty routines, moisturising etc
  • general improvement in mental health/mood, increased enthusiasm for tasks

I’m fortunate in that I don’t and never have had diabetes or high blood pressure or high cholesterol so I can’t use those as measures but the ones above all help to remind me that I’m doing a great job.

Hopefully next week Tracey will have another chunk missing but more importantly I hope all of the above are still evident and improved upon, they are my real indicators of success and what this is all about for me.


14 thoughts on “Weigh Day”

    1. Thank Rob, it’s not as rapid as in the past but I’m not phased by that. I anticipated my age meaning progress would be slower and beside I am doing this a healthy sustainable way rather than crash dieting and working myself into a puddle of sweat in terms of exercise to the point that I start to resent having to do it.

      Slow and steady, step by step… that’s the new approach.


  1. Way to go! I love your visual of Tracey. It will be fun watching her disappear. Your list of benefits is inspiring, it really helps to see results of our efforts.


    1. Thank you, Tracey’s fab. My daughter said she worries that if I go too long without seeing a bit disappear I might become demotivated but I guess I’ll just have to cut her into smaller chunks if that happens.

      The list of benefits is amazing isn’t it? They are my key focus point.


    1. Thank you and I wish! I watched a documentary once where the journalist who was over weight had a scan done which showed the fat around her internal organs, the fat we don’t see and the most dangerous fat. After her first stone of weight loss she was scanned again and they found this was the first fat to disappear, there was a remarkable difference in what had been there first time to the second time, they concluded that this is the first fat the body sheds when calorie intake is reduced and usage increased, they felt it was perhaps a self defence mechanism in the body and why people don’t see a loss so much but can measure one on the scale in the early days of a health eating plan.

      I love to think that slab of fat in the photo has gone from around my heart and liver and kidneys it means more to me than losing it off my thighs or arms.

      Mind you, wherever it come from is all good. Onto the next 13 now.


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