100 Posts!

Gosh I’m a blogging addict, I’m sure it will calm down sooner or later, I passed my 100th post today so this is my 102nd or 103rd I’ve posted a few today.

Work was quite hit and miss as we have an open event this evening so staff are light on the ground as they took some hours in lieu and the students were all over the place preparing for different activities they are involved in tonight.

I’m at an introductory workshop this evening for trainee teachers thinking of taking up a post graduate course in September, telling them how teaching really is and putting to bed some of the myths which attract people into the profession. As a late entrant to teaching myself I’ve been drafted in to speak specifically to career changers about some of the specific issue and joys. I love speaking more about the joys then the issues but the issues do need speaking about, they are there and they are significant and some are a shock to the system and alter your perception of what you imagined teaching to be.

I like that we make these obvious to potential candidate before they get into the role and find things out which may have otherwise saved them from going down the wrong path.

My son’s taking this opportunity while he’s home alone to have fish and chips for his dinner. He is not allowed such things when myself or his sister are around and as we’re both out he’s going to seize the chance to have a big greasy plate of deliciousness covered in salt and vinegar. I’m not so bothered, the thought of it makes me feel a bit sick, all that grease and that shows my mindset has changed which is refreshing. He’s not the most irresponsible eater in the world he’s not so keen on chips so will limit how many he has but the fish will be destroyed and hopefully deep frying in batter retains some of its goodness. 

I want him to have a healthy relationship with food which doesn’t mean that he can only eat healthy food, I want the vast majority of his diet to be healthy which it is but I want him to know he can make a poor, self indulgent choice now and then and it’s OK, I don’t want to deprive him or he’ll end up like me and he’s showing every sign of being a tall, athletic build at the moment so as long as that’s under control I’m happy. I keep a keen eye on his waist size and as he gets taller it gets smaller and that’s good news as far as I’m concerned.

Right so I’d better have my dinner, I’m going to try out some of these fab alternatives to apple pie and custard before I had off to do my evening duties. I’ll be at the university until 9pm and then I have an 8am meeting tomorrow so it’s going to a dessert based dinner for me tonight with a nice healthy pitta bread based quick and healthy pizza.



9 thoughts on “100 Posts!”

  1. Wow, you are putting me in the shade with your prolific writings. I’m lucky if I get one entry done a day, and at the moment I only have me to look after! I take my hat off to you. 🙂


    1. Thanks, there will be times when writing a post a week will be a chore for me especially as we head into exam season and end of year activities and moving house. It’s great to grow your network but it gives you tons of reading and I just discovered that not everyone you follow pops up in your newsreel 😦 I thought they did. so now I find I’ve probably missed tons of good stuff.


      1. It is so hard to keep up with all the awesome bloggers out there that I follow, that is for sure! 🙂 I’m starting an exam today myself, and am hoping to have it done by Friday, but I’m not counting on it, it’s a long one with lots and lots of writing. But my goal is to shoot for Friday anyway. 🙂 As you can tell, I’m currently procrastinating because I’d rather be catching up with all of you today! 😀 Have an awesome day!


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