Weekly Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction

Word Press Writing Challenge Flash Fiction

While there’s no widely accepted length, flash fiction can include six-word stories on up to stories of about 300 words.

Here’s my lunch break offering (anything to keep me from the canteen):

She crept out of the bathroom “Is it safe now?” she wondered as she felt her short, fast breaths cause her chest to rise and fall in a more pronounced manner than usual. She tried to steady it but it was impossible.

She caught a curtain wafting in the breeze at the bedroom window to her left and it caused her to press herself against the wall in a startled silence, her every nerve being on end, exhaustion making her jumpy. Recovering quickly, seconds later she was on the threshold of the galleried landing.

She peered out, straight ahead, nothing. She peeked over the top of the heavy oak balustrade to survey the ground floor to her left, nothing. Sometimes she wished Jason would come home early, tonight was one of those nights. She had hoped to see him standing in the hall taking off his jacket or at least to see his briefcase on the console table.

She began to tread carefully for fear of disturbing a floor board and causing it to elicit a creak, she was on tip toe, light as a feather, breathing halted now as she drew closer. The door was slightly ajar. Had she left it like that? She couldn’t be sure, a slight panic started to overtake her, searching her memory frantically.

She stretched out her hand, palm flat on the warm wood and slowly pushed it open, a glow of subtle amber light illuminated the room as she peeked in.

She slowly stepped back, turned and pressed herself against the landing wall “Thank God” she whispered and allowed herself to finally relax happy in the knowledge that her two hour battle to get her three year old to sleep in his own bed had finally been won for another night.


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