Body Clock

3.35am have to be awake at 6am latest for work. 8am early meeting and a full teaching day with 30 minute lunch break.

Although not all body clock related, had it sprung on me at 10pm that I’m covering a colleague’s classed and handing over two of mine to a teaching assistant as my students all know what they have to do tomorrow and only need overseeing. 

I had actually planned on teaching them but that will have to wait now and I had no materials or resources handed over so I have had to work all that out myself (the person getting my classes has that all prepped for her).

I don’t mind but grrrrr, it’s meant my planned early night and body clock reset got thrown out and now I’m back to square one.

Tomorrow night I will crawl in from work and probably not even make it to a sofa let alone a bed before I drift off.

Tomorrow, I’ll reset tomorrow. Whatever happened to teaching being all late starts, early finishes and long holidays?


4 thoughts on “Body Clock”

  1. You amaze me how you can fit so much in on so little sleep. I think it might be because you are a more efficient sleeper than I am. Well, you must be, because on four hours or less of sleep I am a walking zombie who’s not much good to anybody. I could not imagine teaching a class full of students in that state!


    1. I had such a busy day today too, it wasn’t so bad though. I fall asleep in seconds when I do decide it’s time to sleep and I sleep like the dead, I’ve been burgled before and the burglers actually moved my bed with me in it and took things that had been stashed underneath it and I didn’t wake up until my alarm went off at 7am. The police could not believe it. It was very scary, I was so upset to think of what could have happened but it’s probably why I can function on little sleep, my hour is worth about 3 or anyone else’s. I can nap for 10 minute too and wake up feeling like I’ve had 8 hours sleep. I just really want to get into a better routine.


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