Sometimes, something simple is all it takes

I heard my son playing this song on his guitar earlier and it reminded me of a day long ago…

I was super busy at work, hugely stressed, feeling like everything was getting on top of me, even booking a holiday to get away from it all was stressing me out as nobody had an opinion on where to go and I didn’t want all of the responsibility if I chose somewhere unsuitable. I was reasonably slender at the time, I recall I wore bikinis that trip so I must have been a 14 and I was definitely using the gym and spa daily to de-stress.

It was Easter break from school and in those days I was a strategic manager and not a teacher and so didn’t get the luxury of school breaks at home, however I had negotiated some late starts so I could spend time with the kids in the mornings at least before my partner took over for the rest of the day. My son was 6 and I hated not being there when he was off school. This morning I became really upset, things just became too much and I had a little sob.

As usual when such things happen, my daughter stands awkwardly looking at me not really sure what to do and my son came and put his tiny, dumpling hand on mine and stroked my back and didn’t say a word. He didn’t need to.

I left shortly after for work. I arrived in my office and as usual fired up the computer and opened my email account to see what delights lie in store.

Among the work emails from mostly familiar colleagues I saw an email from my son’s account. I’d let him set one up to use for a school project with strict usage instructions. He used to love emailing family members back then, he hardly does it now because of texting and whatever.

I opened the email and it simply said For You Because I Do xxx and there was a link and I clicked on it and sat and bawled for a good half hour afterwards, answered some emails, threw a sickie and went home, sometimes we just have to do what we feel is right, even if it’s technically not. Nobody at work missed me and my kids’ faces when I walked back in the house would have been compensation enough if I’d thrown my job in altogether. It was a rarity but on that day it had to be done. They don’t remember it of course, but I do.

Anyway this was the song my little music loving boy sent to me, enjoy.







8 thoughts on “Sometimes, something simple is all it takes”

    1. Awww sorry. He’s always been such a sensitive guy, we are not letting him go easy, I think when it’s time for him to marry the candidate will have to go through a tough approval test first with me and then with my daughter. Haha, joking, he’s good at choosing his friends.


    1. He’s always known how to calm and soften my heart, these days of course as a teenager he does it for financial gain 😛 When he saves me from a crisis he usually ‘accidentally’ leaves a page open on my laptop with a guitar he’s interested in showing.


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