Don Charisma Sunset Challenge Second Go

See here for details: Don Charisma’s Bank Holiday Weekend Sunset Challenge

I just had to have another go. This is one of my most favourite totally untouched (would you believe it?) sunset photos.

Crazy Skies
Crazy Skies

I took this one October evening from a pool terrace on the western coast of Kefalonia. There was a huge storm out at sea but it was warm and still on the island. If you look closely (people often miss this) you see the black silhouette of the land in the bottom third of the photo and above that is where the sea should be but the cloud was so dense and so low it looked like it was sitting on the water (you can just make out the horizon if you look carefully) and it piled up high and then turned into the more crazy whispy stuff that was being whipped up by strong winds and the setting sun (actually over to the right of this photo) was out of sight and just throwing out these fabulous orange colours which were seeping through the cloud formations and it resulted in this amazing crazy sky.

Just fifteen minutes or so earlier I took this photo below from our balcony (my partner clambered onto the roof to get an unrivaled seat for the spectacular). This one shows this huge storm cloud before the lighter clouds whipped up in the first pic blew in from

Cotton Candy Cloud
Cotton Candy Cloud

the left (you can just make them out coming in on this one). I loved the way the cloud was dyed pink by the setting sun and I have video footage somewhere of lightning flashing right through this cloud and the sun dying it a shocking pink too and it was one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen. After taking this I went to the pool terrace and took some more shots and the orange one is taken just to the right of this from a lower angle. What a light show mother nature laid on for us that night!

The colours of nature are one of the most amazing, breathtaking, awe inspiring, emotional visions to behold. It moves me so much to see the beauty we have around us. I’ve even got goosebumps just recalling that storm cloud, it was something else.

Thanks Don for inspiring this trip down memory lane.



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